How to get laid sounds blunt and very politically incorrect but let’s face it, that is what you want, whether for a one night stand or for a long-term girlfriend and relationship. So let’s not beat around the bush and try to be nice about it. Being sexual is OK. In fact it’s great and I know you want it. If it leads to a girlfriend, that’s icing on the cake but it starts with knowing how to get laid. 450 bushmaster ammo

I am not trying to shock you. I am making my first point, which is to get laid, you can’t be afraid of it. In fact women are looking for the men who are strong enough in character that they are not afraid of being politically incorrect or timid.

Her loins knows what she wants and here it is:

Rule #1

“A woman’s real attraction to men comes from a part of her that is pre-thought, pre-conscious and instinctual, an ancient part of her. Attraction may seem to be driven by social values but at the core of attraction, it is driven by the ancient desire to survive.”

Her head may be saying one thing but her hormones, electrons, sub-conscious and her history are telling her another. She thinks “nice and supportive guy” but she hunts for a hound “who won’t be told no”. Remember what I always say. You can be broke, ugly, stupid and have a little dick and I can still show you how to get hot women easily. More women than you ever imagined and much better looking women too!

Rule # 2

“The common, basic, root characteristic that all those men who are good at turning women on is…. SELF-CERTAINTY. Self-certainty is cockiness. It’s knowing your are right even when you know you’re wrong. It’s over-the-top. It’s unbending, solid as a rock self-assuredness. No Matter what.”

So stop being a wussy. Enough said on that.

It’s easy to get women. There is so much of it around. You need to stop believing the great myth that women have spread for millions of years, which is that sex is like GOLD and hard to get. Hogwash. It’s easy to get, but how?

So now you go out and do what with your new tough, self-assured attitude? You know what she is looking for and….How do you get laid?

Rule # 3

“Once women see you as self-certain, they will build you up in their minds into the man they want to have sex with and you don’t need to do anything to make that happen.”

ALL YOU CAN DO IS SCREW IT UP – Usually by talking about yourself.