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In France, a household changes its TV every 7 or 8 years on average. If you are at this stage, you should know that since 2018, QLED technology has invaded the Samsung universe to launch a new generation of flat screens. In fact, it is an integral part of the famous "Samsung Premium Collection". Overview of the most affordable range of Smart TVs from the Korean firm!
The brand has recently taken up the challenge of bringing the best of audiovisual technology to everyone's eyes, with flat screens that are ever more brightmore and more contrastedmore and more detailed ! Thus, the object that animates your afternoons video game in UHD, your evenings series and cinemayour greatest emotions of sporting event or your listening hours for recorded concertsis changing dimension. No longer just a window to the magic of video and audio performance, it is becoming a highly sophisticated device that comes with boldness dress up your interior.
In order to understand, it is already necessary to remember some previous manufacturing methods...
The display by LED display consists of a slab composed of red, green and blue pixelswhich are materialized by liquid crystals (LCD), backlit by White LEDs (Light Emitting Diode). Indeed, because of a better output, the small diodes quickly came to replace the neons (CFFL) initially used for the backlighting of the LCD system
It was therefore possible to render very high definition images (HD, Full HD or even 4K), but also to curve the screen, regardless of its size. The LED TV was then quickly democratizedIt offers a high level of quality at an affordable price. However, the main disadvantages of LED TV are fairly shallow black renderings and the light leaks.
OLED means "Organic Light Emitting Diodewhich can be translated into French as "light-emitting diodes. This time, no LCD screen or backlight, because the pixels do not pass through the liquid crystals, but simply through the diodes themselves. These are part of an emitting layer, which allowsturn on or off each pixel individually
This gives a strong contrast between the black and the colors, which contributes to the vividness of the image. For more information, feel free to fork over to our little post onexplanation of the OLED technology ! In any case, OLED TVs measure no less than 55 inches and offer visual sensations in 4K ultra-high definition.
QLED stands for "Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode. Hard to see in the name, but it is a back to backlit liquid crystals with a very thin layer of nanocrystals. So we're back to the big, beautiful family of LED screens. And it is the Samsung brand itself that can claim the motherhood (but not the exclusivity). Image quality equals OLED technology, with a minimum size of 43 inches. The technique is simply to add between the LEDs and the LCD panel a film of Quantum Dots, nano liquid crystals that boost the backlighting of red and green.
This results in a more complete color spectrum, with 64 times more colors than LED screen. Brightness and black and white management are also better. This is the technology that you will benefit from if you want to take advantage of our good plan! But concretely, what advantages do the QLED TV from the Samsung Premium Collection Do they offer today?
It's a bit like what we just saw: QLED technology finds its intrinsic value in the ultra-high definition it offers viewers. In terms of colorimetry, for example, it transmits more 45 % of the ten million nuances that the human eye is able to perceive naturally. This is huge!
On the other hand, the brightness is definitely better than on OLED screens, while the intensity of the contrasts (white and black rendering) is almost identical, and this, no matter the lighting of the room in which you are. Finally, the structure of the panel offers a more permissive viewing angle than on Classic LED TV. In short, we are almost at the cutting edge of image quality, with HDR + certification and breathtaking details.
In addition to offering amazing picture quality, Samsung's QLED displays are designed to enhance your interior. From now on, your television is halfway between a piece of furniture for audiovisual programs and a purely decorative element, as with the famous "The Frame" design. For this purpose, Samsung started by simplifying the wiring systemthrough the One Connect Box
This box is used to gather all the electrical wires (USB ports, HDMI, etc.), so as to avoid entanglements (internet box, console, etc.) and to make the glass fiber connections more discreet. The power supply also runs through a clear and very thin wire. Moreover, thanks to this One Connect Box, it is now possible to mount your screen directly to the wallfor an even more streamlined effect. Installation is quick and easy, one fifteen minutes maximum !
Once your television is mounted on the wall on the appropriate device, you will only have to find a place to put it One Connect BoxIt can be hidden in a drawer of a chest of drawers or displayed soberly on a shelf. The cable is 15 m longwhich gives you a wide choice of locations! And if you prefer not to make holes in the wall, you will find in the Samsung store several elegant feet and supports to raise your high tech TV.
Note: Universal wall mounts also work!
But one of the main interests of mounting your Samsung QLED TV on the wall is toactivate the ambient modea screensaver that displays shimmering photographs and major works of art to bring a sense of aesthetic depth to your interiorinstead of the traditional black rectangle on a white background. 
Of course, you can also choose to put your own vacation pictures or personal paintings on it! In an era where telecommuting has become highly democratized, it's a little enchanting to be able to vary the decor with a few manipulations... Which brings us to the third argument of Samsung: the universal remote control!
The universal remote control is obviously very practical, especially when you are used to having two or three. Here you can control your TV, but also all the auxiliary devices. Indeed, the smart TV detects and identifies all HDMI connected devices or other, so that the applications are directly supported by the main interface. The design of the remote control is, of course, basic, but also very intuitive!
In addition, thanks to the voice controlYou can even dispense with the buttons to access your YouTube, Spotify or Netflix content. And why stop there, anyway? Even your smartphone will be able to download the dedicated "SmartThings" application to take control of the TV set, but also of all the connected objects in the house: welcome to ultra-simplified home automation!
You can see that Samsung will undoubtedly meet your needs, since the firm reserves you a flat screen to fit your budget, of your apartment, and even your ecological conscienceYou can also find out how much fuel each model consumes. And to go even further, you can now go up a gear with a Neo QLED TV...!
Coming from a literary background, I like to observe the environment and its transformations. As such, I think it's good to rub shoulders with technology in order to master its impacts on our living environment. To put a foot in the progress, isn't it to seize the rudder?

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