WWE RAW Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, October 17, 2022
The commentators are Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves.
- WWE Monday Night RAW kicks off with Bobby Lashley already in the ring with a microphone. Lashley says he's been waiting for Brock Lesnar for a week, he wants to fight, now's the time. 
Brock Lesnar's music begins and he arrives! Lesnar walks slowly, Lashley doesn't want to wait, he joins him on the ramp. Lesnar pushes Lashley straight back against the apron and throws him against the post. The confrontation continues between the two. Lashley manages to push Lesnar back and hits him with a Spear through the barricade! The officials arrive to push Lashley back while Lesnar is still on the ground. Lashley manages to escape and delivers another Spear to Lesnar, who had just gotten to his feet. Lashley follows up with a Spinebuster through the commentators' table and Lashley is pushed back again by the officials and the wrestlers.

- Back after the break, the commentators introduce tonight's matches.

The OC (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) acc d'AJ Styles vs Alpha Academy (Otis and Chad Gable)
At the end of the match, Anderson does his Spinebuster on Gable and Gallows takes the tag. They do their Magic Killer on Gable for the three count while Otis was still stunned at the bottom of the ring.
Winners : The OC
After the fight, The OC celebrates the win, but Judgment Day music starts and the clan arrives. Balor says it's Too Sweet, the old crap again. Damian Priest says it's funny to think The OC did anything good last week. The only thing The OC did was guarantee to get cooked by Judgment Day.
Balor says he's the one who started this stupid little club. He created the club and he's going to break it. That's why they want to do the match, The OC vs. Judgment Day at Crown Jewel. AJ Styles says it's accepted. But he can't understand why everyone is doing this, this is Monday Night RAW. They're on the stage and they're in the ring, so they have to do it here and now. Unless Judgment Day has to ask their mother's permission first? Dominik tells AJ to shut up or else he'll end up in another division with his tail between his legs because he can't compete against Judgment Day.
AJ says Dominik is playing strong with Judgment Day, but Dominik is trash. Dominik is a little idiot for rejecting his father. Dominik wants to play tough, so why not have a match tonight to settle business? Rhea Ripley says Dominik will break him to pieces. Dominik says he'll mop the floor with AJ. AJ tells him to come to the ring. Dominik says he's not ready now, he doesn't have his outfit, but when he's ready in about an hour he'll take care of him. AJ tells Dominik to go get ready and he's going to kick his ass, which is what his father should have done, and it's going to be Too Sweet.

- We return with a video on the victory of Seth Rollins who became the new United States champion on RAW last Monday.
Rollins' music begins and he arrives at the ring. Rollins introduces himself, the revolutionary United States Champion. Rollins says that for all those who doubted in him, they can kiss his ass. For everyone else, who has always supported him, who has always believed in him, it's time to sing his song. Rollins says tonight is historic because it's the first title defense of the best USA Champion reign in history. In the main event he'll mop the floor with Matt Riddle's face.
He takes the opportunity to explain Extreme Rules. The crowd chants that he tapped. Rollins says he may have tapped, but it was a strategic move. He did it for us, because two days later he had to be in his best condition possible to beat Bobby Lashley and become the USA Champion. He tapped for us! Mustafa Ali's music starts and he arrives. Ali congratulates him on his match, he also wanted to point out Brock Lesnar's assistance, but Rollins doesn't want to talk about it. Ali says he hasn't forgotten that Lashley was giving him a spot as the next opponent.
Ali says he understands that champions change, but that doesn't change the fact that he wants to fight for the United States title against Rollins. Rollins laughs. Rollins asks if he looks like Bobby Lashley? Sorry, but Ali will have to go back behind everyone. Ali can stay here and party with the new champ, or Ali can get out of his ring since Ali doesn't deserve his spot with him. Ali takes off his sunglasses. Ali says it won't go that way. Rollins looks to his next problem. He's not going to give up, he wants a title fight! Rollins says he appreciates what Ali wants to do, but he likes him. Ali is one of the best in the ring, but above all he's a good person. Ali is a good friend, a good father... Rollins punches him right in the face! Rollins throws Ali down from the ring. Rollins leaves the ring laughing, but Ali gets to his feet and begins to pummel him. Rollins manages to push Ali back and throws him against the post.

- John Bradshaw Layfield's limousine arrives in the parking lot.

Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai acc of Bayley vs Candice LeRae and Bianca Belair
Late in the match, Belair and Candice do a Suplex and Drop Kick combination on Sky to cover him, but Kai blocks the count. Belair blocks a kick from Kai, but Kai manages to push her back down into the ring with a kick. LeRae hits a Code Breaker on Kai. Bayley pulls out a Kendo Sick, but Belair charges it against the commentators' table to push her away. Sky takes advantage and hits LeRae with a Back Breaker. Kai and Sky do a Two Man Slam for the three count on LeRae.
Winners : Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai
- Backstage, Matt Riddle is walking and Cathy stops him to get his reaction on Seth Rollins. Riddle says he's known Rollins for a few months. Rollins can say all the excuses he wants, he's already shown Rollins' colors at Extreme Rules and it's going to continue tonight. Riddle sees Mustafa Ali in the distance and congratulates him on his showdown over Rollins. If he wins tonight, Ali will have a title match. They hear The Miz yelling in the distance. Miz says he was afraid of Dexter Lumis and he slipped to the floor and hurt his knee. Miz says he'll sue Lumis and the whole building, he won't be able to wrestle tonight. Riddle goes to get a doctor.
- Backstage, NXT's Cora Jade looks for Roxanne Perez's opponent. Jade finds Judgment Day and Rhea Ripley is left alone. Jade says that Perez has selected Raquel Rodriguez for her. For her part she's still looking for an opponent, there's no one more ruthless than Rhea Ripley. Ripley says Jade wants her in NXT to kick Perez's ass. She has no problem doing it for Jade, it's accepted.
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