Article originally published February 8, 2022:

If you want to create and play in a large, comfortable format, you can turn to the creator-oriented gamer laptop. MSI GF76 12UC-018FR Katana The high-performance Intel Alder Lake-H 14-core Core i7-12700H processor and 16GB RAM accelerate multimedia processing, as does the NVIDIA Ampere GeForce RTX 3050 ray-tracing graphics card for a wide range of games. Equipped with a 17" IPS Full HD anti-glare screen that enhances fluidity in games with its 144Hz frequency, this versatile black notebook targeting creatives and gamers benefits from fast SSD storage with a significant 1TB capacity that boosts responsiveness, a backlit keyboard and connectivity with Wi-Fi ax and USB-C.
The MSI GF76 12UC-018FR Katana is currently available from CyberTek and is positioned as one of the few in its class not only to offer such a recent processor (Alder Lake), but also to run under Windows 11.
If this MSI GF76 12UC-018FR Katana does not meet all your criteria, you will find on our guide Gamer laptop other configurations to play with a similar budget. With the same budget, choose the model with the most powerful graphics card, as it will have the most impact on performance.
Its appearance is relatively sober for a gamer's laptop, yet its black design with angular lines and touches of red is very much in keeping with its style.
Cooler Boost 5 technology cools it down with 2 fans, 6 heat pipes and air vents.
This multi-purpose multimedia notebook designed for creating and playing has good connectivity, including 1 USB-C (but not Thunderbolt), Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi ax (more recent and powerful than Wi-Fi ac) for wireless communication and remote connection, a practical HDMI video output for easy connection to a TV or monitor, for example, Ethernet and audio ports, plus 3 USB ports including 2 USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible) for transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 if USB 3.0 peripherals are connected.
The chiclet keyboard can, of course, be backlit to make its keys easier to see in the dark. Its design was the result of collaboration with SteelSeries, to ensure that it adapts as closely as possible to gamers' habits.

The screen itself boasts a 144Hz frequency, which will appeal to gamers as it improves fluidity in games compared to the standard 60Hz. What's more, with its 16:9 format and precise Full HD definition, the screen lends itself well to the display of videos and, more broadly, High Definition content. Its IPS technology guarantees wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles, while its anti-reflective coating ensures better visibility in bright environments (e.g. outdoors) than a glossy slab, and less eye fatigue with prolonged use.
The MSI GF76 12UC-018FR Katana is aimed at those who want a versatile, high-performance notebook in a large format for creative and gaming applications.
It features a 14-core Intel Alder Lake-H Core i7-12700H hybrid processor which, combined with 16 GB of RAM, provides all-round power for demanding users.
Designers in particular will appreciate the fact that all cores - both high-performance and energy-efficient - can be used for processing that takes advantage of multi-core processing and is otherwise RAM-hungry. This is particularly the case for video editing, 3D rendering and photo retouching. As a result, this core ensures faster processing than a simple Hexa/Octo Core and 8GB DDR4.
Creative users will be all the more interested in the GeForce RTX 3050 dedicated graphics card. This accelerates processing with multi-core software such as Adobe Premiere/Photoshop or Sony Vegas.
But gamers who aren't too demanding can also be satisfied with the GeForce RTX 3050 ray tracing NVIDIA Ampere, as it is capable of handling a large number of games, as long as adjustments are made under graphics-intensive opuses to achieve good playability.
The GeForce RTX 3050 is automatically activated/deactivated in real time by NVIDIA Optimus technology, as and when required. This is because Optimus actually favors the Intel Iris Xe, a solution housed within the Core i7-12700H Alder Lake-H, because its reduced energy consumption favors autonomy.
Pending full testing, expect around 6 hours of battery operation in light use.
Optimus therefore activates the GeForce RTX 3050 to carry out graphics tasks deemed too heavy for the Iris X. With one or the other, you can of course watch photos and videos, but also play titles that require modest graphic resources.
In terms of storage, the SSD is silent, yet more energy-efficient than a hard disk, more shock-resistant and much faster.
In concrete terms, SSDs mean much faster processing, as well as faster start/stop and launch of games/software, and faster access to online game maps, for example. More generally, SSDs guarantee much greater fluidity and responsiveness than a simple hard disk.
What's more, we're dealing here with a 1TB SSD, a large capacity that rivals that offered by hard disks the vast majority of the time.
Last but not least, you can expect this multi-media notebook designed for creating and playing to heat up and make itself heard under heavy use (e.g. processing, gaming).
If necessary, to keep temperatures in check, we can use a ventilated support (Remember to check the dimensions in this case!).
There's a mistake in the title! It says RTX 3070 but it's actually an RTX 3050 😉
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