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Who are the best strikers and scorers in FIFA 23? Here is our list.
Discover here our detailed list of the best players and Meta FUT cards for forwards and strikers in FIFA 23. The idea is to give you all the information to make a choice in building your team. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game. Note that special cards (TOTW, POTM, from DCE etc) will be present here. The list also has honorable mentions, again ranked from best to worst. The only exception is the Icon cards which will have their own list of best cards for FIFA 23.
Update: Updated Saturday, January 7 at 10pm. The arrival of the Winter Wildcards Team 1 and 2 has been taken into account.
Important: With a Meta now geared towards other running styles rather than Lengthy, we've modified this article quite a bit. Note that if you are not familiar with this concept, we recommend you read our Meta lengthy guide.
Don't hesitate to ask us questions in comments, about a player, a special version of a card or to have an opinion to improve your team.
We list here the best players, strikers and scorers cards, according to their position on the map for AG/MG and AD/MD. On the other hand, the TAs will be placed in BU if they are strikers, otherwise they are present in the MOC category of our Meta of the best midfielders on FIFA 23. Thus, an effective MG card in BU will be in our list as MG, with a rating for its best role below.
Generally, wing forwards need to have good speed and if possible, a combination of agility and passing skills to be effective. Note that here, several GM/AG cards will be proposed with a different ideal position in note, to explain where to play it during the game.

While Vinicius Jr was still very high in our ranking despite the Meta Lengthy, the nerve of the latter now makes the Brazilian ultra Meta for the whole community. Even better, the arrival of an evolving PTG version makes him clearly one of the best strikers of FIFA 23 whatever the position and the best left striker. It must be said that with an ideal physique in game (which compensates for the lack of balance and calm), 5-4 in stars and especially an explosive running style, Vinicius Jr is a monster both on the wing and in a central role.
Recommended style: Vista

Although he doesn't have the Lengthy running style, Ginola is something of a pivot on FUT. Indeed, with his large size and limited balance, the French player could be quite difficult for some to use. However, with Engine, these weaknesses are well reduced while his 5-5 star rating and stats will make the difference in front of goal. A card to be used in BU, his secondary position, more than on the wings as Ginola is effective on the aerial game and in the area.
Recommended style : Engine
Recommended position: BU

While the Rulebreakers version was nice but a bit odd for a Ribery card (less agile than usual), EA has celebrated the removal of the legendary French player with an excellent FDE version. Although his agility is a bit low for the level of the card, his ideal in-game physique will more than make up for it, allowing him to use the Hunter style. Explosive, he will be an ideal MOC finisher or an excellent AG popping up in the middle. However, his small size and lack of strength will limit his interest in BU.
Recommended style : Hunter

Let's be very clear here, the main problem with this card is its links. Without it, Flashback CR7 would have been without any hesitation one of the very best strikers in FIFA 23 before TOTY. Why is that? The answer is simple: it's Ronaldo in FIFA. The card has a unique physics, an extremely strong offensive AI (lots of automatic calls) and custom animations on shots. So we have a cocktail without comparison with speed, power and great efficiency in front of the goal. A sort of TOTS Ronaldo of FIFA 20.
Recommended style: Finisher or Hunter
Best position: BU

Saint-Max is a rather atypical card on FIFA because of a strong physique on a small stature. Thus, despite a great agility in the stats, the player tends to be a bit stiff at times if you dribble with the stick. On the other hand, his physique and strength allow him to win a lot of duels. Thus, although his AI really pushes him on the wings, Saint-Maximin WW is playable in BU. However, we prefer him on the wing, where he will be very effective on long balls in depth but also on runs in the surface following a dribble.
Recommended style : Finisher

You know the reasons for Neymar's position in our list: a unique physique, personalized animations and a 5-5 star. This makes Neymar incredibly effective on the dribble for anyone who knows how to use technical moves well. Outside of these, the Brazilian player remains a threat but his effectiveness will be more limited. Note that while some like to play him on the wing, we think he is much more effective in BU/MOC. Considering the current Meta, a Neymar in MOC to distribute on two pivots was the best tactic. Note that his TOTW card is listed in our ranking of the best midfielders in FIFA 23.
Recommended style: Hunter, Vista or Hawkeye
Recommended position: MOC or BU

Sadio Mané has always been for us, a better axial player than a left winger. The new Bayern Munich member hasn't really changed much in FIFA 23: a unique physique that makes him quite tanky (strong in duels) and compensates for his slight lack of balance, a rather classic 4-4 and good efficiency in front of goal. If we regret the lack of features, Mané is clearly the card that almost everyone seems to appreciate on the game. Note that we prefer him in the axis but he is totally playable on the wing. There is no real difference between OTW and RTWC and both are recommended to be played with a style that leaves it explosive like Hawkeye.
Recommended style : Hawkeye
Recommended position: BU

One of our favorites already last year, Joe Cole is an extremely agile and fluid card on the ball. This is due to a compact and agile physique but also to very good dribbling stats. If this World Cup version is only a slight boost compared to the basic FUT Heroes, it prolongs its interest in the current Meta. Note that Cole is considered a creative MOC or wing player and his lack of physical presence will limit his interest in BU.
Recommended style : Engine
Recommended position: MOC

If you played with his OTW this year, this TOTT card is nothing like it: 5-4 in stars, a big up in balance and a relatively complete boost. From then on, we are in the presence of a very versatile player in a role of left forward who overflows. The Argentine player is indeed able to pass, to penetrate in the surface or to shoot from a distance. However, if we recognize the interest of the card, we do not like the unique physics of Di Maria on FIFA, which makes him quite "long" and sometimes not very responsive. Moreover, if Hunter makes sense, we preferred him with Engine, limiting his potential as a striker. We are in the presence of a good card but which will not be unanimous.
Recommended style : Engine

Why Son is an incredible card on FIFA: a unique physique, 4-5 in stars, the finesse shooting stroke and complete stats. On paper, the Korean player has all the elements to be ultra Meta, however, there are a few things that limit his interest at a very high level. First of all, his unique physique is a bit strange, a bit "long", making him sometimes difficult to apprehend. Also, its lack of balance is clearly a problem, forcing the use of the Engine style. The latter compensates but does not boost the shot, a handicap in a BU role. This opinion has not changed with this RTWC version which, even if it boosts +2 the dribbling part, does not change the basic problem of the card. Note that now Tottenham has quite a few Meta options to use it in a hybrid formation.
Recommended style : Engine
Recommended position: BU

Although difficult to link up, Orsic WC Showdown is an excellent super-replacement player. Fast, very agile thanks to a combo of dribbling stats and his physicality in play, the Croatian player is a real treat on the ball. If his finishing is not as perfect as we would like in BU, he takes all his interest on the wings where he can use his flexibility to create spaces. Thus, we recommend him as a super-replacement to dynamize the end of a match, although this implies playing him without style.
Recommended style: Hawkeye or Vista
Recommended position: Substitute

What? Grealish so high in our ranking of the best strikers in FIFA 23? Yes, the English player really surprised us in-game with a unique physics and a particularly explosive running style (with Engine or Finisher). So, in a MOC or GA role, Grealish PTG proved to be a very flexible card to use, able to win his duels by speed or by dribbling and thus create spaces. Furthermore, the card is scalable and England's recent performance suggests a chance for several upgrades. A 4-5 in stars would make it an incredible MOC.
Recommended style: Engine or Finisher
Recommended position: MOC or GA

While memories of last year's FDE card still linger, Bale is back with this WC Stories version. There are quite a few surprises for this card, which is greatly undervalued by the community. With a unique physique and the outside foot trait, Bale makes up for a lot of stats weaknesses, making him a very good AG/BU. Indeed, his average/medium output is clearly not an issue while his unique physique will offset his dribbling stats. However, he needs the Engine style, otherwise we found him too stiff.
Recommended style : Engine
Recommended position: AG or BU (but left)

While we were among the only ones to place Simon relatively high in our FIFA 23 top striker rankings, the change to Lengthy has made such a card extremely powerful for most players. For us, Simon has always been interesting (mostly in a super-replacement role) because of a fairly unique combo of speed, agility, in-game physicality and strength. Although he is not extremely good on the finishing aspect, the FC Nantes player will create a lot of space with his explosiveness. A card that we always recommend as a super-replacement but also on the left wing.
Recommended style: Vista
Recommended position: GA or Super-replacement

We have always enjoyed Hazard on FIFA since he has a unique physics in game, which greatly improves his fluidity in game. From then on, the Real Madrid player turns into an excellent MOC or even BU, with three offensive traits and good stats. To take advantage of the changes in sprinting style, we recommend Finisher or even Motor (as a pure MOC) to compensate for the card's lack of speed. If Hazard had been a PTG card, it would have cost 400k+.
Recommended style: Finisher or Engine
Recommended position: MOC

It's a shame that Spain had to cross paths with Morocco as this card would have been excellent with a +2. Torres Show is a somewhat unique card (Richarlison style) with a large size but flexible physique, which gives him a rare combo of agility and strength. While it is true that this size will make him a bit stiff at times, Torres is still a pretty nice player with a ball on his feet. In our case, we tested him in GA, BU and MOC, with several different styles. The result: in next-gen, he can be played in BU with a style like Hunter, although his agility is sometimes lacking, while for old-gen players and those who appreciate more flexibility, Engine in GA.
Recommended style : Engine, Hunter or Finisher
Recommended position: AG or BU

Honestly no, given his price, we do not recommend Marcus Rashford WC Stories although we really wish we could as we like the player in real life. So our problem is this: because of his stats and physique, we are forced to play with the Engine style, greatly limiting his finishing. Therefore, you pay for his 5 star technical skills but on a player who will be better on the wing. So we are on a card that is not very versatile and given its price, this is not normal.
Recommended style : Engine

We've been recommending it to all those who play in old-gen and this new patch makes Ljungberg a very playable card in next-gen. The Swedish player has the complete panoply of the lively player that we like: 4-4 in stars, an ideal physicality in game, a correct agility and the external trait of the foot. Thus, depending on the style placed, he will be able to play in AG or AD but also in MOC. A card a bit generic but effective, easily usable in any team.
Style recommandé : Finisseur (explosif) ou Moteur

A l’image de Hazard WC Star, la carte de Coman aurait été tellement meilleure en PTG. Il faut dire que le joueur français est grandement limitée par un point : ses 3 étoiles de pied faible. Sans extérieur du pied, ce dernier sera peu utilisable en BU car sa finition sera forcément irrégulière. En dehors de ça, avec le style Finisseur, Coman est une flèche capable de créer la différence par son explosivité et ses 5 étoiles de gestes techniques. Dès lors, si vous êtes habitués à ce joueur, Coman sera un très bon joueur sur l’aile et potentiellement en BU mais son utilisation sera un peu niche à ce niveau là.
Recommended style: Finisher or Engine

Quelle carte ! Considérée comme une excellente starter en ce début de saison, la carte de Danjuma a reçu un gros boost avec cette version Flashback. Relativement rapide et agile, le joueur hollandais s’illustre surtout par sa polyvalence. Il faut dire qu’avec 4-4 en étoiles mais surtout, BU en position secondaire, ce dernier dispose de pas mal d’arguments pour charmer les joueurs. En outre, on lui trouve une certaine solidité en duel, un plus quand on est pas un costaud en mode Lengthy.
Recommended style: Finisher or Engine
Poste recommandé : Super-remplaçant, MG

Mentions honorables : Jordi Osei-Tutu OOP (Bundesliga), Lorenzo Insigne RB (MLS), Raheem Sterling OTW (Premier League), Christian Pulisic PTG (Premier League), Rafael Leao POTM (Serie A), Fred Hors-Poste (Premier League), Ivan Perisic TOTT (Premier League), Nicolas Pepe WW (Ligue 1), Harry Kewell FUT Heroes (Premier League), Moussa Diaby TOTW (Bundesliga), Wilfried Zaha RB (Premier League), Cody Gakpo POTM (Eredivisie), Théo Hernandez OOP (Serie A), Emile Smith-Rowe Rulebreakers (Premier League), Scott Twine Fondation (ELF), Martin Terrier POTM (Ligue 1), Akram Afif PTG (Qatar), Justin Kluivert WW (La Liga), Yannick Carrasco PTG (La Liga), Noah Fadiga WW (Ligue 1), Hirving Lozano TOTW (Serie A), Filip Kostic WC Star (Serie A), Tahith Chong WW (EFL), Nikola Vlasic Duo Dynamique (Serie A), Karl Toko-Ekambi RTWC (Ligue 1), Jacob Bruun Larsen Duo Dynamique (Bundesliga), Mauro Icardi Hors-Poste (Süper Lig), Samuel Chukwueze Hors-Poste (La Liga), Paulinho Rulebreakers (Bundesliga), Munir WC Star (La Liga), Kingsley Coman (Bundesliga), Federico Chiesa (Serie A), Gabriel Martinelli TOTW (Premier League), Steven Bergwijn OTW (Eredivisie), Timo Werner TOTW (Bundesliga), Leandro Trossard Showdown (Premier League), Nuno Santos Fondation (Liga NOS), Luis Diaz (Premier league), Jack Harrison Duo Dynamique (Premier League), Jadon Sancho (Premier League).
Généralement, les attaquants sur l’aile doivent avoir une bonne vitesse et si possible, un combo d’agilité et de jeu à la passe pour être efficaces. A noter qu’ici, plusieurs cartes de MD/AD seront proposées avec un poste idéal différent en note, pour expliquer où le jouer en cours de partie.
Il n’aura fallu que deux semaines pour EA avant de sortir une carte spéciale pour Lionel Messi. Cette RTTK fait de Lionel Messi l’un des meilleurs attaquants de FIFA 23, tout poste confondu surtout après les deux boosts supplémentaires obtenus par le PSG. Il faut dire que Messi bénéficie d’un physique unique en jeu ainsi que de très solides stats, lui permettant d’être une vraie menace en MD ou MOC à distance. Mieux, son agilité est clairement l’une des meilleures du jeu actuellement, avec une fluidité très peu égalée. D’autant que les deux boosts apportent plus de physique et d’endurance en plus de le rendre mortel devant le but. A noter que son rendement faible/faible est un problème mais que vous pouvez compenser en le laissant en attaque. La version POTM de Messi est désormais deux bons crans en dessous de cette version, bien qu’elle demeure absolument Meta. Le DCE Flashback Messi est plus un vrai joueur sur l’aile, bien moins dominant dans la surface mais plus rapide, qui déborde sur le côté.
Style recommandé : Chasseur, Basique voire Oeil de lynx

Salah est toujours difficile à évaluer pour nous tant on apprécie sa carte. Pour nous, l’avantage du joueur de Liverpool réside dans sa fluidité balle au pied, qui va au-delà des stats de dribble. En outre, ses 3 étoiles de pied faible ne nous ont jamais dérangé mais c’est surement en raison de notre habitude à le jouer. Ainsi, Salah est un excellent joueur sur l’aile mais également en MOC voire en BU. Pour autant, avec une Meta qui privilégie les BU puissants, l’Egyptien trouvera plus facilement une place en tant que playmaker que finisseur. A noter que notre avis est le même entre la version Hors-Poste et sa TOTW 2 (et même la première) puisque les deux ont les mêmes stats.
Recommended style : Hawkeye
Poste recommandé : MOC ou AD

Blessé, le joueur brésilien risque de voir sa OTW stagner jusqu’à la fin de l’année. Pour autant EA a eu la bonne idée de proposer une carte WW afin de donner aux fans une version Meta. On va être direct, on adore Jesus sur FIFA 23 puisque son agilité est un vrai bonheur balle au pied. Explosif et rapide même avec Oeil de lynx, Jesus sera un très bon AD capable de repiquer vers le but. Dans un rôle de BU, ses 3 étoiles de pied faible sont une réelle faiblesse bien qu’il soit quand même capable d’évoluer à cette position. On regrette donc un combo de stats un poil limitée à la passe, d’étoiles de pied faible et d’absence d’extérieur du pied qui a tendance à réduire un peu son intérêt à très haut niveau sur FUT.
Style recommandé : Oeil de lynx ou Chasseur

Vous le savez, on adore Chiesa sur FUT ! Agile (malgré un physique moyen en jeu) rapide et agréable balle au pied, le joueur italien est généralement un excellent attaquant dans ses versions spéciales sur FIFA. Ici, aucune surprise puisque Chiesa Hors-Poste est simplement une évolution de sa version Or. A noter que dans un rôle de BU, son manque de force le limite un peu mais il demeure jouable en old-gen à cette position.
Style recommandé : Finisseur ou Oeil de lynx
Poste recommandé : MOC ou AD

On évoque souvent Foden parmi nos cartes favorites sur FIFA et cette année encore, EA a réussi à nous donner une bonne version spéciale. Cette TOTT est l’un des meilleurs attaquants de FIFA 23 en raison d’une grande polyvalence. Ainsi, avec 4-4 en étoiles, les postes AT, AG et AD, des stats complètes et un physique idéal en jeu, Foden est jouable à toutes les positions en attaque à l’exception de BU. Si on aurait adoré un trait façon tir en finesse ou extérieur du pied, le joueur de Man City est l’arme idéale si vous aimez changer de formation en cours de rencontre.
Recommended style : Hunter
Recommended position: MOC or GA

Une nouveauté parmi les FUT Heroes, Al Owairan est une excellente carte en AD/BU. Il faut dire qu’avec un classique 4-4 en étoiles et un physique agile en jeu, le légendaire joueur d’Arabie Saoudite est excellent devant le but. Bien que son équilibre soit un poil faible, le style Finisseur le rend vraiment agréable à utiliser (notre avis avant le nerf de Lengthy… le marché vient de nous donner une nouvelle fois raison). A noter que pas mal de joueurs ne verront pas l’intérêt de cette carte, mais il est au final très facile à utiliser puisqu’une FUT Heroes sera à 3/3 en collectif tant qu’il est au bon poste. Sa version World Cup est listée parmi les BU.
Recommended style : Finisher
Poste recommandé : BU ou AD

Alors que sa version Or commençait tout juste à baisser dans la Meta, voilà que Dembélé a obtenu une TOTW ! Celle-ci améliore sensiblement une carte déjà très intéressante de base, en boostant notamment son physique et son équilibre : ses deux principaux points faibles. Ainsi, le Français continue de s’illustrer grâce à son 5-5 en étoiles et son physique unique mais demeure une carte difficile à vraiment exploiter sans utiliser de gestes techniques. Il faut dire que sa force reste très faible tandis que sa finition est encore imparfaite, même avec le style Finisseur.
Style recommandé : Finisseur ou Oeil de lynx
Poste recommandé : MOC ou AD

Suite à un deuxième boost, Antony OTW commence à vraiment s’illustrer comme une option semi-Meta. Comprendre, il a tous les outils pour vraiment s’illustrer mais ses stats demeurent encore un peu faible pour vraiment être au sommet. Il faut dire qu’avec un combo de vitesse, d’agilité et 5-3 en étoiles, le joueur de Man United est vraiment le prototype de l’ailier sur FIFA. Pour autant, sa finition demeure limitée, ce qui le cantonne à un rôle de super-remplaçant, une place un peu chère vu son prix sur le marché.
Style recommandé : Canonnier ou Oeil de lynx

On va être franc, on apprécie peu le physique en jeu de Joao Felix. Moralité, quelque soit la version, le joueur portugais nous parait assez rigide, peu dynamique et globalement peu efficace. C’est toujours le cas avec cette WW bien que dans les faits, nous avons réussi à avoir de bons chiffres en match. Toutefois, vu ses stats et son prix, nous aurions aimé obtenir plus. Dès lors, on est ici sur une carte assez spécifique, pour ceux appréciant son physique unique. On vous recommande donc d’essayer un peu sa version Or au moins pour vous familiariser à son physique.
Style recommandé : Moteur ou Chasseur
Meilleur Poste : MOC

Une carte très similaire à Almiron POTM, Saka est ce type de joueurs sur les ailes, agile, rapide et assez complet qui a parfois du mal à trouver sa place en jeu. Ainsi, on aimerait les jouer en MOC mais leur finition n’est pas assez bonne tandis qu’on les trouve un peu gâchés sur les ailes. Ici, nous considérons que Saka doit être joué dans un rôle d’un AD, qui déborde pour centrer. Avec le style moteur et son physique idéal en jeu, il devient êtremement souple et rapide. On regrette toutefois le manque de trait, qui en fait presque une carte générique par moment.
Recommended style : Engine

On va être franc, on avait pas vraiment accroché sur Almiron lors de nos premiers matchs. Toutefois, le patch change la done puisque son explosivité est désormais un énorme point fort, lui permettant d’évoluer sur l’aile comme en MOC. Si sa finition est clairement le point noir de cette carte, Almiron compense par une bonne polyvalence sur le terrain. A noter que s’il est relativement fluide balle au pied (un physique idéal en jeu aidant beaucoup), son équilibre demeure parfois un problème. Globalement, c’est cette irrégularité dans la finition et dans l’équilibre qui limitent le potentiel d’une carte plutôt plaisante.
Style recommandé : Moteur, Vista ou Oeil de lynx
Poste recommandé : MOC ou AD

Ito est le prototype du joueur sur l’aile : un physique idéal en jeu, beaucoup de vitesse, 4-4 en étoiles et des stats relativement correctes à la passe et tirs. Le joueur japonais est donc efficace même si un poil générique. Pour autant, vu son prix, on le recommande chaudement pour ceux cherchant une flêche sur l’aile droite en Ligue 1, tandis qu’un Messi doit être utilisé dans un rôle plus central.
Style recommandé : Basique, Finisseur voire Vista

Comme souvent ici, on aime être franc et direct : sans la nation et le club, Rodrygo sera sous les 50k. C’est pourquoi nous l’avons d’ailleurs placé à côté d’une carte comme Ito PTG : dans le jeu, les deux cartes sont similaires. C’est d’ailleurs un peu la même chose avec Lozano PTG. On est en présence ici de cartes rapides et agiles, pas forcément ultra efficaces devant le but mais suffisament si on y met le bon style. Alors on ne dit pas, un Rodrygo 90+ serait absolument une arme de destruction massive mais pour le moment, cette Phénomènes WC est sympa mais ne sort pas non plus du lot.
Recommended style: Vista

L’analyse autour de Ito et de Rodrygo est la même ici : Lozano PTG est un très bon joueur sur l’aile, qui domine par sa vitesse. S’il compense un peu son 4-3 par le trait extérieur du pied, le Mexicain demeure un peu limité par son manque de force et sa finition. Cet aspect le pousse donc à être un pur ailier ou alors à être plus au centre dans un rôle de super-remplaçant en fin de match.
Style recommandé : Vista ou Canonnier

Après quelques matchs, le constat était clair : Raphina RTTK est une version améliorée de Dembélé Or. Le Brésilien est un joueur un peu plus agile, mais tout aussi complet, malgré l’absence de 5-5 en étoiles par rapport à son équipier de Barcelone. Mais dans le même sens que Dembélé, Raphina est assez cher (malgré son drop) pour une carte qui manque de force, d’équilibre et de finition. Hélàs, les résultats du FC Barcelone limitent l’intérêt de cette carte qui souffre déjà de la comparaison avec d’autres alternatives, à commencer par la TOTW de son coéquipier Dembélé.
Recommended style : Finisher
Poste recommandé : MOC ou AD

Une carte que vous avez du croiser pas mal durant le précédent week-end, Romain Faivre RB est une option très polyvalente en attaque. Capable de jouer en MD/AD et MOC, le joueur français s’illustre par un combo assez rare d’agilité (un physique idéal en jeu) et de force. Le Patch poussera les joueurs à l’utiliser avec un autre style qu’Architecte et là encore, sa polyvalence est une réelle force puisqu’il sera jouable avec Moteur, Oeil de lynx ou Finisseur pour profiter d’une bonne mobilité en jeu. Ainsi, Faivre RB est un joueur complet mais qui n’excellence nul part, un homme à tout faire qui permet de changer de formation et de tactiques.
Style recommandé : Moteur ou Finisseur en MOC

Mentions honorables : Joe Cole FUT Heroes (Premier League), Leon Bailey RB (Premier League), Reece James Hors-Poste (Premier League), Serge Gnaby PTG (Bundesliga), Dejan Kulusevski RTTK (Premier League), Lee Dong Jun Duo Dynamique (Bundesliga), Ritsu Doan TOTT (Bundesliga), Jonathan Ikoné RTTK (Serie A), Savio RTTK (Eredivisie), Gonzalo Plata PTG (La Liga), Jesus Corona RTWC (La Liga), Krépin Diatta WC Star (Ligue 1), Daniele Verde WW (Serie A), Takuma Asana WC Star (Bundesliga), Emmanuel Gyasi Duo Dynamique (Serie A), James Maddison TOTW 2 (Premier League), Timothy Weah WC Stories (Ligue 1), Tajon Buchanan Duo Dynamique (Pro League), Harry Wilson Duo Dynamique (Premier League), Alireza Jahanbakhsh WC Star (Eredivisie), Hernani WW (Liga NOS), Angel Di Maria OTW (Serie A), Salem Al Dawsari PTG (MBS), Emre Mor Fondation (Süper Lig), Aurelio Buta Rulebreakers (Bundesliga), Cristian Roldan RB (MLS), Noussair Mazraoui Hors-Poste (Bundesliga), Carlos Vela TOTW (MLS), Riyad Mahrez (Premier League), Sergio Canales (La Liga), Moussa Diaby (Bundesliga), Xavi Simons Silver (Eredivisie), Jonas Hoffman TOTW (Bundesliga).
Parmi notre liste des meilleurs attaquants de FIFA 23, il était impossible de ne pas lister le rôle de buteur. Ici, on évoquera les joueurs listés en BU mais également ceux dont le rôle principal est BU/AT.
EA semble vouloir donner une carte spéciale à Mbappé à interval régulier ! Après une TOTW quelques semaines après la sortie, rebelotte avec cette Road to the World Cup qui sort quelques semaines avant une future carte TOTY en janvier. Si ces sorties semblent plus orientées autour d’une stratégie visant à maintenir le prix de sa version Or autour du milion le plus longtemps possible, le joueur du PSG en devient de plus en plus fort. Ainsi, alors que dès le premier jour nous avions placé Kylian Mbappé tout en haut de notre classement des meilleurs attaquants et buteurs de FIFA 23, la majorité des joueurs Pro a confirmé cet avis en l’utilisant en compétition. Il faut dire que cette carte est magique et que chaque version spéciale augmente un peu plus sa puissance : 5-4 en étoiles, un combo de vitesse, de finition et de force presque inégalé en jeu mais surtout, SURTOUT, un physique en jeu totalement bug qui lui donne des supers pouvoirs. Ainsi, comme on l’a dit dès le premier jour, que vous soyez old ou next-gen, Meta Rat ou artiste du beau jeu, le joueur du PSG est l’arme absolue.
Note : la TOTT est le prolongement de cette RTWC, avec des postes différents. Plutôt que de le mettre en meilleur AG du jeu, on l’évoque ici comme une carte tout aussi bonne que la RTWC.
Style recommandé : Finisseur ou Canonnier

Quel monstre ! Alors oui, lorsque sa carte est sortie, nous préférions jouer Nkunku PTG en MOC voire en MC qui monte en raison de ses 3 étoiles de pied faible. Mais comme annoncé dans notre explication de l’époque, si la France avançait dans la compétition, Nkunku deviendrait un redouble BU. Désormais 5-5 avec d’incroyables stats et les 3 traits offensifs les plus Meta, le joueur français est presque la carte idéale. Presque ? Oui, car son physique moyen en jeu se fait souvent ressentir sur ses touches de balle. C’est ce qui fait encore la différence entre lui et Mbappé : le physique en jeu n’est clairement pas aussi bon que pour le joueur du PSG.
Recommended style: Hawkeye or Vista

Ok alors, Messi est pour nous, l’une des meilleures cartes sur FUT en raison d’un physique unique qui le rend extrêmement souple et réactif balle au pied. Mieux, sa finition lui permet d’être bon dans la surface mais également en dehors, le rendant efficace en MOC, BU ou AD. Ainsi, deux questions se posent quand vous jouez avec Messi : avez-vous un ou plusieurs bons BU pour placer l’Argentin en MOC ? Mais également, est ce que le manque de force sera un problème pour vous dans la surface ? A noter niveau, on préfère largement utiliser Messi en MOC capable de tout faire, profitant ainsi des espaces crées par deux BU devant pour se faufiler et au choix, marquer un but ou distilier une passe décisive.
Style recommandé : Chasseur ou Oeil de lynx
Recommended position: MOC

L’une de nos cartes favorites l’an dernier, Robbie Keane est cette année encore, l’un des tous meilleurs attaquants de FIFA 23. Il faut dire que si sa version de base était déjà très sympa, la World Cup est un tout autre animal. On va être cash, en dehors de Mbappé (en raison de ses 5 étoiles de GT et de son physique unique en jeu), aucun BU n’est meilleur que Keane WC au moment de sa sortie. Si nous n’étions pas sûr lors de notre première soirée avec lui, le boost du style de sprint explosif l’a rendu absolument incroyable. Avec une finition excellente (4-5 en étoiles), une grande vitesse et une explosivité de dragster sur les premiers mètres, Keane est excellent dans la surface et sur les appels. A noter également, une IA offensive de premier choix.
Style recommandé : Chasseur ou Moteur

On vous l’avait dit, on l’avait annoncé mais même avec ça, beaucoup ont été surpris de la progression sur le marché de Griezmann PTG. Autrefois une carte sympa de MOC dans sa version de base, celle-ci est désormais un excellent BU avec 5-5 en étoiles et les meilleurs traits offensifs du jeu. Mieux, son physique unique en fait une carte vraiment incroyable balle au pied. Bien qu’un peu limité niveau force pour jouer un rôle de BU pivot, il est le parfait complément à un autre buteur plus costaud. Et si vous avez la chance d’avoir du très très lourd devant (typiquement des joueurs listés autour de Griezmann dans ce guide), le joueur français pourra parfaitement évoluer au poste de MOC.
Recommended style : Hunter

Comme on l’explique depuis sa version Or dans cet article, Correa est l’un des meilleurs attaquants de FIFA 23 en raison d’une incroyable IA. Celle-ci est clairement l’une des meilleures du jeu avec un placement offensif et des appels en or. Ainsi, c’est une arme redoutable dans un format de jeu de passes rapides. Ici, cette version est une très bonne amélioration de la TOTW, avec toujours cette souplesse balle au pied et une efficacité hors-norme dans la surface. Un vrai monstre que l’on utilise régulièrement en complément des meilleurs BU du jeu.
Recommended style : Hunter

Sans aucune hésitation, Di Natale est l’un des tous meilleurs attaquants de FIFA 23. Le joueur italien dispose d’un arsenal qui en fait le prototype du BU : 4-4 en étoiles, un rendement idéal élevé/faible, les meilleurs traits offensifs du jeu (extérieur du pied, tir en finesse et flair) et un physique idéal pour plus de réactivité. Ainsi, Di Natale n’a que plus qu’une seule faiblesse depuis le up du style de sprint explosif : sa force. Car en effet, avec un style comme Oeil de lynx, le joueur italien perd son style de course explosif.
Recommended style : Hunter

Alors que sa version de base avait été sous-estimée par presque tout le monde (sauf nous) Al Owairan WC a immédiatement explosé sur le marché en raison de l’arrivée de la nouvelle Meta. Il faut dire que le joueur combine une vitesse folle, une bonne agilité (physique idéal en jeu), 4-4 en étoiles et une excellente finition sur les tirs. Bien que dépourvu de trait (à l’image d’un Forlan), Owairan est l’exemple même du BU vif et agile qui se créera ses propres espaces dans la défense. A noter que toutes les cartes FUT Heroes auront passivement 3/3 en collectif, le rendant très facile à ajouter dans votre formation.
Recommended style: Vista

If we found his POTM rather good (without being impressed), we are here in a whole new dimension. Leao WC Phenomenon is without a doubt, one of the best strikers and especially scorers of FIFA 23. It must be said that the Portuguese player has almost everything: 5-4 stars, the best offensive features (outside foot and shots with finesse) and a very good combination of speed, finishing and physicality. From then on, all he lacks is a better physicality in game to compensate his balance. Because even with Finisher, he remains a bit stiff in small spaces. A very good card but we prefer a player like Di Natale who is more flexible in use.
Recommended style : Finisher

While we already loved the base version of Forlan in a context where Lengthy was predominant on next-gen, now the former star takes advantage of a boost from the other sprint systems on a new map to rise to the top of the Meta. Even without an offensive trait, Forlan WC is truly one of the very best strikers and scorers in FIFA 23 due to an almost unmatched combination of speed, power and efficiency on his shots. Whether it's finesse, power, in the box or out, Forlan will find a way to score goals. The only downside here is that his agility is a bit limited, which will cause some players to use the engine style.
Recommended style: Hawkeye or Motor

Although we found its basic version a bit generic, we were the only ones who really believed in Rudi Völler. A good boost and a change of Meta later on and here he is close to the million mark during his release week! On paper, the German player remains close to his base FUT Heroes version with a 3-4 star rating and an average in-game physique. However, his agility, speed and physicality have progressed well, making him an excellent BU for players not looking for technical moves. Incredible in the box, he will be able to take full advantage of the Engine style to gain flexibility without sacrificing his scoring skills.
Style recommandé : Moteur ou Chasseur

We hesitated for a long time to place Dembélé WW in BU since in fact, he is really an AD/MOC. It must be said that his stats and especially his strength make him a bad BU (considering his price) but a formidable weapon on the wings. For the rest, the Frenchman continues to shine thanks to his 5-5 star and his unique physique but remains a difficult card to really exploit without using technical moves. This card is therefore quite particular and we do not recommend it for beginners.
Recommended style: Finisher or Vista
Poste recommandé : MOC ou AD

One of the biggest price drops ever in 24 hours, Cristiano Ronaldo RB has seen his price melt on the market. For all that, we consider that CR7 remains without a doubt, one of the very best strikers in FIFA 23. Why with this Lengthy nerve? The Portuguese player retains his main strengths: an incredible unique physique, 5-4 stars (and a half star because of his unique physique), an almost imprecise finish in the box and an outstanding offensive AI. So, yes Ronaldo is not as fast in game as he used to be with Architect, however you will gain flexibility, responsiveness and explosiveness by using Finisher. Note that the Gold version will be much more limited in terms of agility, its price drop is totally justified in this respect.
Recommended style : Finisher

We'll be honest, we were surprised by PEA because usually we're not really fans of Aubameyang's physique. Generally lacking agility and balance in addition to having a physicality in play rather long and ridige, the former Gunner was not Meta. However, we were surprised to see how effective this card was in the box (his outside foot was very nice to use) even without the Finisher style. It must be said that the double boost allowed him to get Lengthy via Architect, really putting him at the heart of the Meta. So, we're on a sort of hybrid between a Pivot and a more agile player in use even if we would have liked a bigger stats boost on this +2.
Recommended style: Architect, Engine or Finisher

No line, 3-4 in stars, a strong physique and the Polish nation, everything seems to play against Smolarek WC. And yet, the World Cup version of Wlodzimierz Smolarek is in a completely different world compared to the basic one. Powerful, fast, agile enough, the Polish player has a Fekir side (the same style of physicality) that we appreciate a lot. Moreover, his strength makes him a real BU able to win his duels despite his small size. A real nice surprise for a player that we hope to see again with a new special version in a few months.
Recommended style: Hawkeye or Basic

It's Ansu Fati's return to your teams! The FC Barcelona player has had excellent special cards in the past (RTTF, Future Stars, FUTTIES or even TOTS Objectives) and this Off-Post is in the same line. We find an ideal physicality in game that makes him very agile, good speed and a correct finish in front of the goal. If we mentioned at its release a card that we recommended more in old-gen than in next-gen, Lengthy's nerf makes Fati OOP an excellent option in BU on both supports.
Recommended style : Hawkeye

A player as legendary on FIFA as he is off it, Franck Ribery is always a special card and difficult to evaluate. On the one hand, we have a player with a 5-5 star rating and the arsenal to be diabolical in the box. On the other, Ribery lacks the strength to really impose himself in a duel. Thus, it is considered that to get the full potential of the French player, it is necessary to be able to link the technical gestures to make the difference in duel. Without that, Ribery RB will be more of a MOC, able to shoot from distance via his outside foot. Note that the buff on explosive makes the card a bit more interesting but its FDE version (listed in left forwards) seemed superior to us via a gain in agility.
Recommended style : Finisher

What an evolution since last year for Haaland who dominates the fields both on FIFA and in real life. On FIFA 23, the Norwegian found himself the epitome of the Lengthy card with unstoppable runs. However, following Lengthy's nerf, the Man City player once again becomes a rather heavy pivot and difficult to handle in the box. Even with a change in his running style, he still only has a 3-3 star which could limit his interest. However, his success in front of the goal remains amazing. So while we were the only ones to mention a card that wasn't for everyone even in Lengthy's heyday, we now see him as a niche option for players used to using Pivots in attack.
Recommended style : Engine

Brolin World Cup is the example of the card that is not explained... On paper, his average physique, his 4-3 in stars, his lack of trait and his lack of strength should have made him a rather average or even mediocre option. In fact, the Swedish player is one of the best strikers of FIFA 23 in a role of AD, BU or even MOC finisher. So be careful, because we can feel the 3 stars of weak foot despite everything, but his finish remains very good. A real surprise that makes us believe once again that the stats (and the elements beyond the stats) are not worth saying much.
Recommended style : Hunter

The rat is back! Used to be in the Meta for years, Ben Yedder did not wait long to get his first TOTW of the season. The French player continues to represent the prototype of the striker on FIFA: 4-5 in stars, a unique physicality in the game and outside the foot in trait. With a change on the Meta that now favors him, Ben Yedder is an extremely effective option in the box both in old and next gen.
Recommended style : Hunter

A card that was difficult to really evaluate, Lacazette WW will not be unanimous among the players. Indeed, the card is a mix between a pivot and a flexible player, with sometimes the best and sometimes the worst of this hybrid situation. So we changed and rechanged styles constantly in order to improve this balance and agility that bothered us, without ever knowing which style was really the most effective. So it's very simple, if you liked his FUT Captain card last year, you'll find a very similar player in FIFA 23. On the other hand, if already at that time, the irregularity of Lacazette could block you, the same problems will be present.
Recommended style: Fighter, Engine or Finisher

The rocket is back and like last year with his Metamorphosis card, we were quite surprised by his impact in game. Thus, with a high/low output, Traoré WW is perfect to play on the deep, especially on the wings but also in the center. Not very agile (despite a unique physicality) and with a very irregular passing game, Traoré is rather a super-replacement card, which dynamizes the ends of games. However, it is quite possible to use him with a more powerful BU or on the wings. Note that we preferred the Gunner style but Vista is viable for a more wing role.
Recommended style: Gunner or Vista

Richarlison is a divisive player both in real life and in game. Indeed, the Brazilian player is either the ideal BU in some formations or an intuitive ridige pivot for others. On our side, we have often had trouble with him although we tend to appreciate special cards like the ones from last season. Here, Richarlison WC Stories is a small evolution of the new OTW: a BU that combines agility and power with the added bonus of 4-5 in stars. If he remains a bit stiff on his touches (with Hunter), we appreciate his efficiency in front of the goal. So, try to see how his OTW plays for you before buying the WC Stories since in reality, the two are very similar.
Rooted style : Hunter or Engine

Kewell World Cup is a bit the opposite of Brolin since we expected a much better card before testing it. In the end, we ended up with a rather generic BU/ailer, efficient but which will not leave great memories. The problem is that in pure BU, it lacks physics and in MOC, it lacks a bit of fluidity. As a result, we find ourselves making choices in style that never bring total satisfaction.
Recommended style: Hunter, Engine (Hawkeye changes his running style)

The very example of those cards that you try to play as Engine or Finisher only to realize that the Lengthy style (as we keep telling you) also changes the calling style and the AI of the card. Here, Morientes is honestly not very interesting with Engine but rather effective with Hawkeye, especially in game patterns that give him space. While a softer card style is much preferred, Morientes will be effective for those using pivots.
Recommended style : Hawkeye

Honorable Mentions : Harry Kane TOTT (Premier League), Gonzalo Higuain FDE (MLS), Olivier Giroud WC Stories (Serie A), Kai Havertz RB (Premier League), Jean-Pierre Papin FUT Heroes WC (Ligue 1), Gonçalo Ramos Phenomena WC (Liga NOS), Luis Suarez RWTC (Uruguay), Marco Asensio WC Stories (La Liga), Ross Barkley Hors-Poste (Ligue 1), Dries Mertens RTWC (Süper Lig), Timo Werner RTWC (Bundesliga), Gabriel Jesus OTW (Premier League), Daniel James Phenomena WC (Premier League), Radamel Falcao Flashback (La Liga), Luis Muriel TOTW (Serie A), Sidney Govou FUT Heroes (Ligue 1), Richarlison OTW (Premier League), Cody Gakpo TOTT (Eredivisie) Lautaro Martinez Phenomena WC (Serie A), Darwin Nunez OTW (Premier League), Marcus Thuram Showdown (Bundesliga), Musa WW (Süper Lig), Dusan Vlahovic WC Phenomena (Serie A), Moise Kean POTM (Serie A), Steven Bergwijn Showdown (Eredivisie), Sheraldo Becker RB (Bundesliga) Robert Lewandowski OTW (La Liga), Edin Dzeko Rulebreakers (Serie A), Cristhian Stuani Duo Dynamique (La Liga), Memphis Depay Show (La Liga), Marcus Rashford POTM (Premier League), Cyle Larin Duo Dynamique (Pro League), Diogo Jota (Premier League), Jonathan David Phenomena WC (Ligue 1), Andrej Kramaric WC Star (Bundesliga) Giocomo Raspadori TOTW (Serie A), Gerard Deulofeu TOTW (Serie A), Ezequiel Avila Rulebreakers (La Liga), Inaki Williams PTG (La Liga), Alvaro Morata WC Star (La Liga), Alexandre Pato WW (MLS), Romelu Lokaku PTG (Serie A), Marko Arnautovic Duo Dynamique (Serie A), Arkadiusz Milik PTG (Serie A), Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting PTG (Bundesliga), Gerard Moreno RTTK (La Liga), Luuk de Jong Rulebreakers (Eredivisie), Pedro Marques Foundation (Eredivisie), Karim Benzema (La Liga), Tim Cahill WC FUT Heroes (Premier League), Ciro Immobile TOTW (Serie A), Edinson Cavani WC Stories (Uruguay), Mario Gomez (Bundesliga), Alexander Sorloth TOTW (La Liga) Luis Suarez Duo Dynamique (Ligue 1), Victor Osimhen TOTW (Serie A), Niclas Füllkrug POTM (Bundesliga), Joaquin Correa WC Star (Serie A), Kieffer Moore WC Star (EFL), Memphis Depay (La Liga), Eldor Shomurodov TOTW (Serie A), Kai Havertz TOTW (Premier League), Javier Hernandez Rulebreakers (MLS) Ivan Toney Rulebreakers (Premier League), Sami Al-Jaber FUT Heroes WC (MBS), Ole Gunna Solskjaer FUT Heroes (Premier League), Patrick Schick RTTK (Bundesliga), Peter Crouch FUT Heroes WC (Premier League), Teemu Pukki Foundation (EFL), Diego Milito FUT Heroes (Serie A), Isaak Toure Hors-Poste (Ligue 1).
That's it for our list of the best midfields and Meta maps for FIFA 23 FUT mode. Feel free to check out our FIFA portal to discover all the solutions of the DCE as well as advice to invest, our opinion on the players but also follow the news and the TOTW of the game.
This one was expected : )
Thanks for the work!
Next list the guards?
Thank you! Yes the ultimate goalies and teams in each league 🙂
Finally! Thank you for all this work. Can you please include a link to the other sections (meta defenders, meta backgrounds, etc.) in each of the lists, like it was the case for fifa 22? It really helped me to navigate between the different lists. Thanks again!
Hello !
You're welcome and everything will be updated again (already there I added some points, some maps and the pictures). It will be done tonight thanks!
Hi, thanks for the long awaited list.
Nothing on Darwin Nunez that I personally find good and meta and that will maybe up with his otw ?
Honestly, his current OTW card should be considered his Gold version, as should Richarlison. Given the list of honorable mentions, I don't consider them worthy of being on it. It's borderline but a Crouch seems to me to be more effective and consistent than Richarlison for example.
I play in 4-2-2-2 and I have Lewandoski and Mane in attack (Mane that I bring in at the beginning of the game because he does not fit in my collective)
Would it be better to replace Lewandoski by Correa TOTW?
So it all depends on how you play and your tactics.
- Lewandowski, in Lengthy mode, will be more effective on long balls and aerial play. Triangle + R1 for example
- Correa on the other hand, will be more a player who will create his spaces alone, eliminate a defender to score or receive a pass in depth in the middle of the defense
Moral, if you like agile and technical players > Correa. If you play on Lengthy or on the air > Lewandowski.
In fact, Mané looks quite similar to Correa, a relatively similar physique and an AI that is quite close.
Thanks for the tips!
I don't play lengthy with forwards and wingers, I have a style of play based on technique and agility and so I find the lenghty style too slow to start. So I play Lewandoski with the hunter style.
It will be surely better Correa for the blow
Oh yes, I see.
I can understand, as mentioned in our list, I prefer more flexible players. A pivot is fine, but I need an army of agile players around him to feed the ball into the box.
Correa will be much better indeed. You play full La Liga though?
Wait a bit to buy it, it is likely that its price will drop by tomorrow noon with the opening of the clash packs.
Yes I play full liga except that at the start of the game I put Mane in BU and Leao in MG because I pack them in unsaleable ... and they are strong 😅
Thanks for the tips!
Hello, I need some advice from you;
I follow all your articles on fut.
And so I have a hard time finding the right combination for my team.
I play in 4-4-2 with mdc, with donaruma totw, walker, van djik, koulibaly ( I hesitate with konate ldc or ramos rules), cancelo totw, kante, phillips rules, messi, sterling to watch, and mbappe, aubameyang ldc ( or benzema, I have difficulty to choose).
My style of play is to play with a pivot in support to launch Mbappe in depth. What would you change to the team? Thanks for your advice
Some questions and answers:
- Do you play in next-gen?
- I'll be honest, Messi too much on the wing I find it wasted. In MOC it's much better, especially with Auba/Mbappé in point. You can take advantage of Messi's passing level to launch Mbappé but also, take advantage of his finesse to counter a park the bus
- Even in next-gen and Lengthy, I find Benzema inferior to Auba LDC and his upcoming double upgrade should only make him stronger
- If you have the budget, replace Koulibaly. Konate and Ramos are much better. I liked both, although I would say Konate is pretty close to VVD, so I would go with Ramos
- Given your team, a 3-5-2 with Cancelo and Sterling in piston, a trio in DC with VVD, Ramos, Walker and in front, Messi in MOC Mbappé - Auba in front of him, it would look great. On a very offensive phase, it would give you so many options, the team would be unplayable for many guys before the D1 I think
Thank you for your feedback.
Yes I play on next gen.
Yes I have finances, I have between you taken ramos and I intended to replace sterling with neymar, but I will try the composition pre quoted. Thank you!
As for the two midfielders, what would you start with?
If you have a big budget, Kanté - Phillips is not incredible.
I would say that, depending on your budget, you could have a combination of a hardcore MDC and a box-to-box MC.
Thus we would have for example in MDC :
- Sissoko RB (3/3 easy considering your team)
- Essien Baby Icons
- Yaya Touré FUT Heroes (probably out of budget)
In MC rather box to box:
- Marchisio FUT Heroes (like all FUT Heroes, it will be 3/3 collective no matter what)
- Renato OTW (too expensive at the moment but its price will come down)
- KDB TOTW (again too expensive but ideal here)
- Thiago RB
- Paqueta RTTK
At worst, you can keep one of the two MDCs and add a Thiago RB or a Renato OTW, it would be much more fueling.
Otherwise, something like this:
- You play in 4-1-2-1-2 (2) with Messi as MOC, Auba and Mbappé in front, Renato and Thiago as MC on the sides and Sissoko/Kanté as MDC
- you can bring up Renato or Thiago, you keep the other one behind and potentially Cancelo also comes up (so the MC on his side stays in defense) to spread the game
Thanks for your advice, I tried the 3-5-2 but not for me the defense has three, on the other hand I will leave on the 4-3-1-2 or 4-2-4, I put vdd and ramos in DC, it is very strong. In the middle I took sissoko / paqueta, not I have tried yet, I will see after the boost paqueta to leave on a renato or a thiago.
Thank you for your advice
For Paqueta, it's not bad with Sissoko, the Brazilian will allow you to relaunch the game more easily. Thiago is also in the same perspective. Two good options in any case.
Yes Ramos is amazing!
Hi team, always a pleasure to follow you with your great advice
I'm looking for a team with about 200-250k and unsaleable
Danjuma Moments
Kessie OTW
Barella IF
Chiesa OOP
Vasquez OOP
RB Badge
Zaha RB
Dembélé IF
Savio RTTK
Falcao FB
I'm on PS4 so no lenghty and I don't play with technical gestures at all
Thank you in advance
Hello !
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Well, we have a lot of nice cards, let's see what we can do with them!
Proposal One:
- I'll start with this, depending on what you tell me, I'll make other suggestions
- I took as many cards as possible, aiming for 33/33 of collective and something of Meta
- So here we buy Theo and Dumfries. There is still some budget to potentially change the BU, it depends if you like Falcao FB in fact
- If you prefer to play Danjuma and Dembz in front (it's possible, especially on PS4), then we'll change the BU for a MOC
- Note that Demfries is there for the links but it is also a good option with Koundé in old gen
- Zaha would be top but difficult to link, knowing that even with Fofana and Kessié, it will miss a point difficult to get (no coach)
That's it for a first draft, I'll answer you in detail with several teams when you've gone through my questions 🙂
Hello Team, I would like to upgrade my team but I'm stuck.
4-2-3-1 formation (2).
BU : Haaland
GM: Zaha Rulebreaker
MD : Salah
MOC: De Bruyne
MDC: Gerrard 89
MDC: Casemiro TOTW
DG: Cancelo TOTW
DC: Koulibaly
DC: Van Dijk
DD: Walker
G: Alisson
Everything is sellable except for Alisson
Thanks to you 🙂
I forgot, Budget 400K .
Question, I think considering the team you are in next-gen but if you could clarify just in case.
Proposal One:
- We are slightly over budget but not by much either (about 150k)
- Haaland TOTW is in addition, it is not necessary but it is to show the margin that we have
- Valverde and Cancelo on MDC, KBD on MOC, Foden on left, Cole on right
Second proposal:
- Cancelo in MOC here instead of KDB (with an offensive style)
- duo Fofana and Sissoko in MDC
- Yes, Frankowski does not sell dreams but with Pillar, he will be as good as Cancelo purely on the defensive side
- In front, Foden rather than Zaha, which allows swap more easily on formations with 2 MOC
Third proposal:
- Hybrid League1/PBL again
- Neymar who will go in MOC, Pele on the left (he is left-handed) in play to take advantage of the Brazilian and his 5/5, that he launches Haaland in front but that he can create play for him too
- the same hinge as above with once again, Fofana and Sissoko as MDC
So much for three options that would make the team even more Meta!
And Benzema in all this? (BU)
Match not with the rest of the team and I prefer Haaland to Benzema
Hi liquidty,
I'm in old gen and I'm currently doing a liga / premier league team
my budget is 500k what can I improve?
GK: courteous
DC militao and rudiguer
DG Mendy and DD Walker
MC kevin philipps, kDB and Bernardo silva
AG foden RTTk and AD Valverde TOTW
BU Haaland gold
I was thinking of boosting the team by replacing either KDB or Haaland with their TOTW but I prefer to wait for the POTM premier league I also thought of Joao Cancelo OTP but given the price I hesitate what do you advise my friend
So, we have a good base, let's see what's possible!
- In old gen Haaland is clearly not interesting. Yes he is a good pivot but nothing to do with next-gen and lengthy. Clearly if you are efficient with him, you can't imagine the potential you have if you play with other BU
- I guess you play with Silva and KDB in MOC
- the TOTW KDB is way too expensive, you are right to wait for a POTM
Proposal One:
- Duo Messi and Neymar in front, potentially one will play in second BU, the other in MOC (preferably Messi)
- Renato for the links, in MDC
- we keep Haaland even if I don't think it is more meta than that in old gen
Second proposal:
- Salah or Cole FUT Heroes on the wing or in MOC
- Thiago as MC or MDC according to your preferences (I think he is as good as a Valverde TOTW in both roles)
- Keane FUT Heroes in BU, a card more agile and more Meta than a Haaland on old gen
Third proposal:
- Ben Yedder TOTW in BU for a real option in old gen BU
- Sissoko and Phillips in MDC
- Messi or Pele in BU with Ben Yedder TOTW
Honestly, I really think that Haaland is not great in old gen, but I still tried to keep some options with it
Hello all Liquidity!
First of all thank you for this huge job that helps us all to see more clearly 😉
For my part, for my 3-5-2, I am looking for a BU complementary to Nkunku that I put in front.
I would like a BU in a style Coman or Dembelé that is to say, super fast, agile and manageable ball at foot.
Who do you recommend?
With pleasure!
What is your budget for BU? What links too? Like this, the few names that come to mind:
- Govou FUT Heroes, with Finisher in style (very flexible, not as much as Nkunku but close) very strong in the area
- Al Owairan FUT Heroes (obviously the WC too but it is ultra expensive), very very agile, great in BU or on the wings
- Ben Yedder TOTW, an excellent BU, very complete, agile and fluid ball on foot
- Moses Simon RTTK, my favorite, I was talking about him when he was 82 and now that he is 86 + Lengthy's nerve, everyone seems to be pulling him out
- Moussa Diaby TOTW, well not a real BU but in attack it fits the desired profile
- Angel Correa TOTW, when someone talks to me about cheap BU, it's often the first one that comes to my mind
That's it for a first list. I would need your version of the game, your budget and your team to really determine options.
Hey thanks Liquidity for your help 🙂
So I'm on PS4, this is my team:
G De Gea
DC Rudiger
DC Koulibaly
DC Kounde
MDC Lucas Vasquez Out of position
MDC Goretzka
MG Coman
MD Dembelé
BU Nkunku
My maximum budget would be 120000
Moses Simon really tempts me!
Otherwise without worrying about the collective, I had thought of a Salah, Vincius, Zaha Rule Breaker, Morientes Hero or Ikoné
So for the time being, my advice is to pay attention to the collective. Here, Koulibaly and De Gea are a bit of a shame. With that in mind and respecting your needs, I have some proposals.
First team:
- All the budget in Cole FUT Heroes, which fits exactly your style of play (fluid, agile, fast)
- With a French coach + Premier League, the collective would be 32/33
- The training is only there for the collective, you change in game
Second team:
- Ok I went slightly over budget, hence the use of Varane
- Fred is underrated in the agile and fluid genre, although honestly it's not the best card I've tested
- Papin WC is going up in the next-gen Meta so his price is too, but with Engine he is a pretty agile player and a real BU for your team. The basic FUT Heroes version is also playable, which would be an ideal solution given your budget
Third team:
- Well, a cheap version here, with Moses (A MONSTER) and Papin were basic heroes (the combo figures around 80k)
- I take the opportunity to place Lacroix in DC
- Lafont for the links, yes it's not INCREDIBLE but in real life, you were playing with De Gea with a collective point I think, so it won't be that far from that
For the players you listed:
- Ikoné is nice, a bit generic
- Salah and Vinicius Jr are great, Salah is a bit special but I love it
- Zaha is much heavier than the players listed
- Morientes is more of a pivot at this level
I could prepare more examples for you but I don't know what cards are saleable in the set.
Hi Team,
Always a great help to read your articles it helps me a lot on fut.
I currently have 200k credit on PS5 with the following team:
Courtesy (not ech)
Navas rttk (non ech)
Mendy (no ech)
Merino rttk
Vini (non ech)
Park hero (not ech and not wc)
Nunez otw (not ech)
Smolarek wc (not ech)
I wanted to know where do you think I should strengthen because I'm having a little trouble seeing which position would be the priority? (I really like haaland gold which I sometimes play instead of nunez)
In game it is 4321 or 442
Thanks in advance and keep it up 😉
So, a first quick answer to ask you some questions
- You talk about RTTK, but Merino and Navas are Rulebreakers RB right?
- What do you think of Smolarek in BU? Because I find him really good and seeing your taste, I have the impression that you are rather on pivots
- KDB goes up on your 4-4-2?
- Aren't you bothered by the lack of collective on KDB and Nunez?
- Did you try Correa ? (even his red 84 World cup version)
- you play Park on the wing?
If you're willing to replace KDB here or turn the team a bit into a Premier League/La Liga Hybrid, I'll have some ideas based on your answers.
Ahah what a loser well on the RBs!
Then smolarek I have pack it has little with the sbc I find it hyper good but I do not see it here in the classification of the forwards the WC if I am not mistaken...
I like the well lenghty pivot who takes the depth yeah but only one with this profile and a smaller more agile type Smolarek
On the bench to give you ideas I have Danjuma player moment falcao flashback robertone RB ikone rttk savio rttk llorente gossens rttk and alaba regular
I was able to try Correa if that I literally loved I liked perisic oop cr7 regular tchouameni otw Casemiro if
I'm definitely listening yeah to replace kdb and make improvements without necessarily keeping all the non ech but the ones that are really the strongest what
I'll start in 4321
Merino low point Park in b2b and kdb in mc with a very offensive vocation
Haaland or nunez in front depends on the mood ahah
Smolarek and vini just behind
When I go to 442 I take out kdb for a winger
Collective level I am at the maximum with a Uruguayan coach pl
And Matheus nunes road to WC that I just pack
Yes I have to update the lists, there is only the team 1 of FUT Heroes WC in it. But I was able to play with Smolarek and he's really a great player.
So for your team!
First option:
- Havertz RB has dropped below 90k currently, he is an excellent Lengthy BU (with Canonnier) while Smolarek will be an all-purpose BU (but very physical anyway)
- A good duo of BU with behind, Vini and Park (with an offensive style) or Perisic and Vinic (and therefore Park in MC/MDC).
- More versatile because you can also swap on a 4-1-2-1-2 (2), a 4-2-2-2, a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-2-1 in addition to the 4-4-2
- You can change Perisic by Paqueta RTTK for a good box-to-box or Grealish PTG or even Foden RTTK or Cole FUT Heroes (basic) for more attack (and therefore Park with a Shadow)
Second option:
- Full La Liga
- We lack a real leader in MC but we have two pitbulls who will do the job and who would be very pleasant to play (defense and recovery)
- We lose in defensive versatility but we gain a lot in attack, with the choice of a formation with three strikers, two BU and a MOC behind or a single BU in front, Fekir behind and the two arrows on the sides
- Lots of balls and options between Fekir and Dembélé. Your a fast 5-5 player on one side and a finesse/outside expert in Fekir on the other. You can even opt for Fekir in BU in duo with Smolarek and Dembélé just behind in MOC
Third team:
- My favorite
- I love Forlan (even the basic FUT Heroes) and I must be one of the only ones in the commu who put him forward when the game came out. When it was all about Lengthy believing Mbappé is no good.. BRIEF
- Forland and Smolarek have a somewhat similar profile, but the Pole is tankier. It's more like the Meta of now, with a lot of speed on both of them.
- I put Vazquez but budget wise, probably Merino will have to be kept at the beginning
- Tchou OTW before his up following the victory of the EDF against Australia. You liked its regular, be careful because we will soon be at +4 so an 86.
- Valverde TOTW at 35k on console, ideal as a second MDC that can go up a bit if needed
- Vazquez to play the MC/MD/MOC/AD according to your needs
- Note that you can have Park instead of Valverde but defensively I prefer the Real player
- there again you can play in all Meta formations 4-1-2-1-2 (2), a 4-2-2-2, a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-2-1 in addition to the 4-4-2
Here's to a first draft, I hope it gives you some ideas. Sorry if I couldn't answer earlier, Black Friday kept me busy with 20 DCE during the day...
Nothing on Ribery FDE? The SBC expires soon and I hesitate to do it
Our detailed review of the card is here :
Honestly, it's a very good card, if you can link it with Theo TOTW for example. Be careful though, I think you have to use it in MOC to get the full potential. In 4-4-2 wide it's really losing a lot of interest.
Hello Liqui ^^ How are you?
I send you the link of the team that I have in mind for a while and that I would like to do especially knowing that I have 385k of credit and that in the team I do not have yet Al Owairan, Govou and bernardo silva ... Eventually by whom to replace them for about 600 650k of budget
I play PS4 so old Gen and I will surely sell cards like CR7 Gold ,Kante Gold
What do you say?
Thank you for your feedback
Actually I replied to you but I hadn't seen this new message since.
There are a few points that could already answer you a little bit. Then, would you like to have players similar to these cards?
In fact I'm going to start a new team and I'd like it to look like this but I'd like your opinion, if some players are over or under rated and by whom would you replace them?
Assume that I do not pose Al Owairan, nor Bernardo Silva, nor Govou but I have potentially 600 to 650k credit ...
I know I won't be able to buy the whole team as it is, that's why I wanted solid and credible alternatives.
Thanks to you
Hm I see the idea
Like I'll show you an example and you tell me if this is something you want, okay? I'll make you some lists of players and other examples:
- Grealish is great, not Bernado but super flexible and very enjoyable to play. A real good surprise and in addition, there are probably two ups to come (the qualifier plus the first game seems takeable for them)
- Keane is top, undercut by Forlan and a great BU
- Moses... amazing too, super smooth and flowing. A super cheap alternative to Al Owairan
- Phillips in MDC, it's very solid and it makes you the links. With a bigger budget I can offer you a lot of alternatives
Anyway, let me know if it's something like that you'd like!
It looks pretty good to me!
I like fluid, agile players, so it can be just right for me.
And if let's say I had a budget in the 800-900K range, what do you think the alternatives would be?
Thank you for your feedback, you're doing great ^^
do you have any other suggestions?
So, I list you some cards that I liked in terms of fluidity (except DCE) in a price range that will match:
- Gomez PTG, more like a MOC, super super fluid (probably in my top 10 this year)
- Mané OTW/RTWC, a perfect combo of physicality and agility, I like it a lot but at this price, you have to play it in BU
- Joe Cole WC a player on the wing, left or right, as a MOC. I like it a lot and you link it as you want
- Foden RTTK, now a MOC that will build more than finish as the card is almost starting to "date". Super flexible
- Sané WC Stories, with Engine, to play him on the wing or in creative MOC. A unique physique that gives him a lot of fluidity, but Engine is mandatory
- Grealish PTG, I talk about it a lot and I listed it for you already. Even without any additional upgrade, the card is very nice
- Pulisic PTG, there again we had mentioned it together. With Finisseur he is really nice and the elimination of the USA made him cheap
- Vinicius Jr Gold version, honestly around his price, there are not many people as flexible
- George Best Base Icon, a great card, depending on the style it can be played as a MOC finisher or as an overflow AD
- Lionel Messi, whatever the version. Probably THE agile and fluid card on FIFA
- Mo Salah OOP/TOTW, I love it but you have to be used to his physique and his 3 weak footed stars
- Antony OTW, fast and agile. The price is clearly overpriced (it should come down quite a bit in my opinion in the coming weeks) but on the wing or in super-sub it is a monster.
- Ito PTG, in the same line as Antony, a real arrow but super agile and flexible. However, here again, only on the wing or in super-sub
In BU:
- Di Natale FUT Heroes, a monster, that's it!
- Al Owairan WC, you already knew that but it is a great card (but I prefer Di Natale in most situations)
- Samuel Eto Base, with Finisseur he is super agile and effective in the box
- Butragueno Mid, same as Eto. 3-5 for him, 4-4 for Eto
- Ribery RB, I prefer his FDE (DCE) but with Finisher or Engine, he is still very agile and flexible
- Kenny Dalglish Base, much more reactive than the Mid, you can play hunter / eagle eye / finisher it is really top for its price
- Okocha FUT Heroes (the WC is way too expensive) an excellent MOC more than BU, super agile and 5 GT
- Zola Base, super agile, but lacks stats to really play up front
- Gabriel Jesus OTW, personally I've always loved Jesus and the boost makes him a very good card but the more time passes, the less effective he will be. With his injury, not much chance that he will be up before a long time
- Dybala OTW, again in my top 10 agile cards. A MOC even on the wings, but he needs a real boost to be Meta
The thing is, given your unsellable Meta cards, the question of where you play Neymar is super important. So, where have you been playing him lately? On the wing? In MOC as I advised or in BU (totally viable)? This conditions a lot your choices because with a Neymar in BU, you would need a BU that passes the ball a lot while in MOC, you can have two very different BU.
Thanks for your feedback maestro!
So in fact I put Neymar in BU in a 442 with moses on the right and grealish on the left .the 2nd BU is Keane ..and honestly it's a treat but now I want to take natale and sell Keane..or maybe associate Keane and Di Natale and put Neymar back in moc..but what about grealish then.I'm looking for a box to box player in the middle who can also help in attack and defense...cancelo oop makes me want too...I'll probably miss the credits but I have at least the idea of the team now...
Yes I totally see your needs for the team. I would tell you in order:
- Change the box-to-box now and save for the BU later. If you find that you score relatively easily, investing in a BU may not be "cost effective" where the box-to-box will bring much more
- Be careful though, because on a 4-4-2, your MC should not go up much. In case of a counter-attack with 5 guys in front of you, including one guy in the center, it's quickly difficult to stop it
- If Keane is ok for you, Butragueno Base, Voller FUT Heroes (the base, not WC too expensive) with Finisher or Engine, or Forlan in double with Keane are good options
- Cancelo OOP is top, then you have KDB TOTW who with Ombre, is a great box to box. Otherwise Kuyt WC or even Park (a bit more offensive) would be perfect here.
Thank you for your feedback Maestro.
I wanted to try Denis Zakaria in box to box (Eleve/eleve) but I'm not a big fan even if I associated him with paqueta (one of my favorite players in the middle). So it will surely be a big MDC to hold the house in the middle.
I took AUBA RTTK in BU also to test (not fan of its mobility even if super killer in the surface) and my choice is without detour it will be Di natale first then later Ginola in BU.
Little by little the bird makes its nest...
Oh yes, Zakaria is a real MDC. That's why I was listing players who are really box-to-box in the Premier League.
Aubameyang is nice but a bit too rigid for my taste, even with Finisseur or Moteur. So I can understand the choice on Di Natale, you'll see he is great.
Hi Liquid, how are you?
This is my current small team with 550K to spare. What do you think of it?
See you soon.
Well, I have militao and guendouzi pack of the new vent in unsaleable 😂
Oh bbbbbbbbbannnnger GG Bah it's parrrrfect it follows what I advised you (I didn't see the answer when I pub)!
So, I recommend you something: DI NATALE. That's a killer team for you!
Here you go, updated team. I'll let you know how it goes.
I had taken a break from FIFA for 2 weeks with the World Cup, I had no time and I was a little drunk of the game! But EA knows how to make you come back, they offer you militao phenomenon and it's good, you go back lol
Haha yes it's always like that. That's my theory so I never pack anything, I'm on the game non-stop with the main account.
Now your team is complete, the next step will be to improve Vini and Hakimi but in the meantime, you have a lot of fun! Enjoy and tell me how you find Di Natale!
Hi liquid, well I didn't have time to try the fut champs this weekend. I've been doing Rivals d5 to D3 quietly. The team is running well. Thanks for the advice. I got macherano in the hero pack. Do you think he is playable or am I not trying to get him on the team?
Hello how are you?
Hm it's not a bad card, potentially a choice between him and Guendouzi. The French player will be much more physical due to his physique and size in game. Now if you like to have a more agile MDC, Macherano is very solid. A duo with Sissoko makes a combo of one physical and one agile, personally I like it but it depends on the players.
Also, be careful on your screen your coach is Spanish from Ligue 1. Take a French/La Liga coach to put Dembélé at 3/3
Hello, how are you ? How are you ? Are you enjoying the World Cup a bit ?
That I like this kind of teams anyway, it's complete, hybrid, with beautiful cards but also "profitable" cards (cheap, underpriced).
So, what I can offer you:
- In midfield, sell Lemar to start on, at your choice, Guendouzi WC Phenomenon (better defender, less good offensively), Modric WC Stories (better in construction), Kuyt FUT Heroes WC (more complete, a little more defensive too) or even Pedri WC Phenomenon (better offensively with his 5 stars of GT, but not much better given his price)
- In defense, changing Hakimi for the new Hakimi would be possible but not very profitable. Personally, I would rather make a Swap Araujo for Koundé Phenomenon and we add Guendouzi or Cordoba FUT Heroes (again, Guendouzi in addition). Piqué RB would be playable too
- In BU, Correa TOTW is good but you have the budget for a big upgrade. Thus: Eto Base (excellent I recommend finisher for explosiveness), Di Natale FUT Heroes or Dalglish Base. You are limited for a Forlan WC FUT Heroes, which is physical but still a bit agile
In the end, if I had to choose I would do this:
- Koundé, that I find not very expensive currently, an excellent DC
- Guendouzi will be a good defensive boost, if you played Lemar in MDC, he will be much better. In box-to-box as well, it will be a nice up. If you were to play Lemar up a lot, go for Modric or Kuyt
- You get a defensive boost but save about 200k for later. If Di Natale continues (and he will) to drop, you get him back relatively quickly.
That's it for my opinion, don't hesitate if you have any questions it will be with pleasure, as usual 🙂
Hi 🙂
I'm redesigning my team.
I'm playing 4-2-3-1 and looking for my two MCs 😉
Series A and/or PLeague..
In BU I also hesitate between Di natale and Brolin, any advice?
Thank you
So, for your MC's you should show me the rest of your team and your budget, so I know what we are working with!
For your question:
- Di Natale without hesitation. Much more flexible due to better physicality in the game, 4-4, the best offensive traits in the game (outside foot, finesse and flair). Brolin there is a good hype on it because the card plays well, that's for sure, but Di Natale is a good notch above personally.
Great thanks for the feedback.
Well finally in BU I got Somlarek WC non-ech. so I will keep it for now.
Otherwise I have
Allison Gold
T.Hernandez boost
Tomori boost
Carvalho H WC
Bissaka 87 europa
Mount 88 wc in moc
Smolarek H WC
I miss the two mc and ag and Ad
I have 700000 credit and that Bissaka and Allison in sellable 😀😀
Thank you
Thanks for your feedback.
So my team I have
Allison or
THernandez boost
Tomori boost
Carvalho Hero WC
Bissaka 87 europa
Mount 88 wc
Smolarek hero WC I got with the 25 chip challenge so I'll keep it.
I miss the two mc and ag and ad
I have 700000 credit and that Allison and Bissaka in exchangeable 😀
Thank you
Thanks for your answer, we'll see what we can do with it all!
Proposal One:
- The formation is in 4-3-3 for the collective but in play :
- Foden on the left, Saka on the right, two super flexible players, 4-4 and complete, able to finish to move the ball
- Park, who will be able to go up to MOC or defend in box-to-box (very important in 4-2-3-1)
- Maignan for the collective
- Potentially you replace Rabiot by Tonali WW with the Chips
- If you have Fodders, Di Maria is interesting here
Second proposal:
- Same thing for the training and collection, in game it gives this:
- Fekir coming from the left, for his shots outside the area
- Cole on the right, plus a player who will knit
- In the back we have two very good MDCs, although here we will need the support of Modric
- Carvajal excellent DD
That's it for the first two ideas, within your budget. Let me know if you have any questions or if this gives you any ideas.
Hi Liquidity,
I hope you are well.
Could you please give me some tips to optimize my team?
It's a bit of a mess I have quite a few good unsellable cards but I'm having a hard time orchestrating it all 😉
I usually play 4 2 3 1 or 4 1 2 1 2(2).
I have about 400k in my budget right now.
My unsaleables :
Cuadrado Moment
Van Dijk Regular
Ricardo Carvalho hero WC
Kohler hero WC
Marchisio hero WC
Medel flashback
Bruno Guimaraes PTG
Valverde POTM
Kewell hero WC
Chiesa OOP
Di Maria TOTT
Ribery End of an era
Gakpo TOTT
Regular courtesy
Ferland Mendy Regular
Forlan Hero
Here, if you have any suggestions I'm interested 🙂
Thank you in advance
It's going well, the oven is on, the cooking is underway (I'm the chef) but I thought of your team so I came back to offer you a solution!
Here's what I thought:
- Dalglish base is in mode "your 200k for a BU" instead of Keane, otherwise you write for Di Natale with Keane POTM or Forlan
- Dumfries to play him in DG, not IDEAL but if you play in 4-2-3-1 he will be in DG, Cuadrado in DD
- Up front: Dalglish solo in BU, Di Maria and Ribery behind, Chiesa in MOC behind them
- In MDC, I took Rabiot but in real you can eco 100k and put Medel. If you don't buy Dalglish, you won't be so far from Di Natale
Note that I didn't take into account selling all three cards, potentially by selling all three you could have Di Natale at BU. On the other hand, I have a hard time seeing who could play in DG besides Dumfries OOP.
Hey I hope New Year's Eve went well 🙂
Thanks for your feedback it helps me make choices! I have opted for the Di Natale option. I'm going to save a bit to buy Rabiot and Kim Min Jae and put Medel and Kohler in the meantime.
For Dumfries, I have no other ideas either, not easy to find a playable DC in DG!
Small auxiliary question: when you bring your substitutes into the game, do they get the applied style bonuses or not?
Thank you 🙏🏻
The training with VVD works well, you will tell me if you like Di Natale!
For the players on the bench, the styles have no effect on them, they are considered at 0 of collective with this new system.
With pleasure 🙂
Hello liquidity
Yes Di Natale is great! Fluid and fast, effective in front of the goal, what happiness 😉
I took Tonali with the chips instead of Medel finally (instead of Rabiot) and I still opted for Kim Min Jae instead of VVD, a little faster I admit that it does not hurt ^^ I aim Tomori TOTW afterwards.
On the other hand, it's true that Dumfries is a bit limited on the wing, he is quickly eaten up when there are fast wingers in front...
If you have any other options that have come to mind since then, I'd love to hear about them.
A+ ✌️
Great for Di Natale I am not surprised!
Ok for the swap in MDC, do you like it? The duo of the two Italians must be really great. Tomori TOTW is really good, just like his new card.
At the DG position, there is ONE alternative on the market: Adam Murasic TOTW. I know it doesn't sound very sexy BUT he could start at DC and then move to DG if you play 4 back. High defensive efficiency, solid physicality and most importantly, 99 speed and Lengthy with Shadow. For a guy staying behind he's a solid option, but if you move him up he'll be boff.
For Maldini Base, let me be clear: he's a better card than Tomori TOTW but he's borderline closer to Carvalho in style in game. If you don't put any credits on it, it's top because it will be good in DC but also in DG if you need an alternative to Dumfries.
I hope this answers your questions
Hi Liquidity,
How are you doing?
I'm trying to do the DCE of Maldini 88. Do you think it's better than Tomori TOTW?
Thanks for your advice : )
Top thanks for your answers.
So I made the Maldini dce (I had fodders) which goes in DG and I bought Tomori TOTW in DC (up from Kim Min).
I thank you for your advice and suggestions: )
Happy New Year's Eve tonight!
Good point!
Well, you tell me how well the team is doing with these two monsters on defense!
Thanks to you too, enjoy!
Top thanks for your answers.
So I made the Maldini dce (I had fodders) which goes in DG and I bought Tomori TOTW in DC (up from Kim Min).
I thank you for your advice and suggestions: )
Happy New Year's Eve tonight!
I considered another solution instead of Kim Min Jae and Maignan:
What do you think? Since I already have Van Dijk in unsaleable.
Hello team,
Your articles my much was especially for the sbc thank you very much.
I wanted to improve my team and see what I could change and advise for example if there is a better training.
I am on next gen ps5.
My formation is 3-4-2-1
This is my team and I put my bench in too.
The players I can sell are :
Papin, Hamari Traoré, and Trapp.
Otherwise all other players are non-tradable
I forgot to I have only 120K that I have left its sell Papin ect
Thank you 🙂
Sorry I'm not as quick on my answers at the end of the year! OK then, let's see about this team.
Proposal One:
- Concretely, the idea is simply to make the duo DCE Payet and Bailly to upgrade your two weakest positions
- Payet will be able to play in AT in your formation in game, Bailly will be a very big upgrade on Sule RTTK
- Ben Yedder more for the links, playable in AT on the right as well as on the left thanks to his 4-5 in stars
- As an alternative, a Werner WC Stories could also be good on the left in AT, I don't know if you already played it this year
I have an idea for a second proposal but it would probably force to change the team a lot. If I can do it I'll add it in a second comment
Then you talk about changing the formation, playing with 3 defenders is quite special. I like it but I consider it to be reserved for stopping certain styles of play. Your team allows you to switch to a 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation quite easily if needed, but this is to be taken into account.
Happy New Year Luiquidity,
Thank you very much for the answer. I have made the changes you told me and it is already much better, I am trying the formations you told me and 4-2-3-1 is the one that works best.
I haven't used Werner yet, but I've heard great things about it and will consider buying it.
And if you have an idea for a second proposal I'm happy to do it and if I have to buy cards I can use 400k credit.
Thank you, Happy New Year to you too!
So wait, let me get this straight:
- Did you buy the cards to make this team? :
- You also have a 400k budget to improve it?
- Do you play in 4-2-3-1?
If it's yes to these three questions, we're going to have fun! Answer me and I'll gladly take care of it!
Yes for the 3 questions it's exactly that I haven't touched the credits so I have 463k to spend ☺️
Thank you in advance.
I thought I had answered but I don't think so,
To answer your 3 questions exactly I have 460k left to improve my team and I use 4-2-3-1 formation well.
Thank you, we are moving forward
Ok perfect! So, I've been thinking a lot about your team. Since you just added several players via DCE, it will be interesting not to change everything and to take advantage of it a bit. So, here is what I propose to you as a team.
The new team:
- I think you need two real MDCs, so Sissoko RB in MDC to really make your midfield concrete. Seedorf will be in box-to-box, which suits him fine
- Sané in WC is excellent, a very good card, complete, able to create play but also to finish
- I want to keep the rest for now, you're saving quite a bit since we're about half way through the budget, but I'll make you a list of possible changes
Possible changes:
- In DG, a Davies in special card would be top, even if it is expensive for the position
- Sissoko RB is replaceable by Goretzka PTG
- We could take Seedorf out for Goretzka too
- A Pele FUT Heroes could also do it well instead of Sané, especially if you take Goretzka instead of Sissoko, for the links but not only, I love Pele still in January I find the card ultra flexible and complete offensively speaking
- in DD, a Frimpong TOTW would be good too, but Pavard is very solid in DC as well as in DD (Shadow style though, he lacks speed)
- a player that I propose to everyone here is Di Natale, that I find cheap considering what he brings. Instead of Sané, it would be a good idea to switch Payet and him. Now that's a lot of money in your budget, so we'll see.
Here are some ideas, tell me what you think
Hello Liquiditytrap, happy holidays to you all
I would like to show you my team in order to get advice on how to improve it
En vendable cancelo, vvd, casemiro, James
Budget of 470k
Thank you in advance
Thank you, happy new year to you 🙂
So, nice team, with room for improvement is a good budget, we'll see what we'll do on it!
Proposal One:
- It's not my favorite but I wanted to use Kroos again, which I find interesting considering your team
- Mendy WW is very expensive but it is a card you can keep until the end of the game
- Rodrygo is in a similar style (but superior) to James, not knowing your style of play, I think that since they are similar, it will suit you
- VVD and Mount are your weak points here, but they are still playable while you find alternatives. The advantage is that here you can have Premier League or La Liga options
Second proposal:
- Cole WC to be a MOC playmaker, who will create opportunities up front (you can play him with Catalyst, Hunter or Hawkeye)
- Foden on the left, Sterling on the right, again I took Foden because he is very flexible and agile, perfect on the wing but also able to score (hunter)
- in DC, you have plenty of possibilities. I took Romero but if you need a Lengthy player, Konaté would be good here, Carvalho WC as an option not too expensive and more agile than Konaté.
- Mendy for the links and honestly, a better card than Cancelo TOTW in pure DG
Third proposal:
- I don't like to mix too many leagues but the idea is to use as many non-exchangeable and Meta cards as you can
- Mendy at 2/3 is not a problem, put him Shadow and he will still be very strong in DG
- Di Natale is a monster, everyone here will tell you so much I recommend him. Playable on the left but if you swap on a 2 BU formation (which I highly recommend), he will be monstrous. If I ever link you below the look of this team with other formations.
- Sané will be a very big up in MOC on Mount, being a very good and complete card
- Tomori TOTW is great, an excellent DC, physical and powerful
For the last formation, this is how I would see it in play on a 4-4-2 flat: or in 4-1-2-1-2 (2) : (Sané who goes up, Kroos remains behind with Bastian), Sterling remains in front.
That's it for the first three proposals, I hope it will give you some ideas.
Hi, great thanks for the ideas
I sold casemiro and Darwin so I went up to 960k
I invested in tomori totw
Thiago, grealich and Antony, I even had Mendy gold and Phillips
What do you think of fabinho in DC?
I resell my purchases to take dinatale and sane?
The 4 4 2 is a formation that I have played a lot and I love it, my style is the counter-attack by passing on the wings with fast allies who repent or who center.
With pleasure!
So to answer your questions:
- Eto is playable in a two BU formation so it's perfect! (personally I would put Finisher but Oeil de Lynx works too)
- Fabinho in DC is correct but limited. Let's say that in fact, he has everything to be very solid but there is a speed/agility/strength combo that could be better. For the moment it's ok, but it won't be effective for long. After that, considering the players you have (Upamecano, Tomori), I consider Fabinho to be really below. At best in MDC but difficult to link everything
- I clearly recommend Di Natale to you, you will quickly see that it is not a card like the others
- in 4-4-2 you can put Sané on the left, Sterling on the right (with "in the back of the defense") Di Natale and Voller in front and the two MC in back. Then honestly, Kroos will be okay but it's not the best possible use of such a card.
- So you should see your budget after these purchases, see if you could perhaps take a real MDC rather than Kroos.
I had also bought wan bissaka, made the badge dce and I had eto'o icon base
hi i have 500 k i would like to buy a striker a left or right winger you advise me who?
I would need the rest of your team to judge who would fit with what. So it's hard to say if it would fit with your team and your training.
For your team, normally if you log in with the same account, you get your team back at the generation switch.
Thank you.
I'm hesitating on sané WC stories, but I didn't see him in any of your top players?
what is the generation switch?
otherwise I am in 4/3/3
fabinho wc
casemiro wc
havertz rb
gnabry potm
Ok I see. So without talking about sellable or not (this is important for upgrade, especially regarding Havertz RB), I can offer you this:
- Mané TOTW because if you like it, it's a good boost
- Sané WC who is really nice, in MOC if possible
- Gravenberch is not too expensive but an excellent MC who goes up, similar to Goretzka but an upgrade anyway
An alternative would be, since you like to play Haaland, to take Haaland TOTW and Mané WC and keep the rest as such. After that, if you can sell the cards that I change, there is a way to make a bigger upgrade of your team. Besides, Haaland is not that much of a meta anymore, so if you're willing to change, we could see other alternatives.
thanks for your help i bought mané wc at 534k i hope his card will not go down too much otherwise i think i will take sané wc or thiago rb when i will have my bk back up otherwise you advise me cde take what on the winter exchanges i have 18 chips?
And above all, thank you for these articles and advice
I'm not sure how to improve my team...
Only unsaleable players and 1M credits
Not too many constraints on the formation except for 4 defenders
Thank you in advance for the advice
So I'm going to give you some examples, I try to keep the good non-exchangeable cards in general.
First option:
- Forlan - Thuram in front, I think that since you have Thuram, a guy like Forlan, a little physical but not too much, should suit you
- I don't know how you use Valverde but here I use him in box to box, with Guendouzi and Fofana in MDC
- Koundé WC in DC, a super complete card, which will go well with Bailly
A second option:
- Dembélé in soft BU next to Thuram, or in MOC with Payet in BU in front
- De Jong as a rising MC, MOC or even MDC depending on what you want to play
- I put Pavard who is a very solid DC here, if you have done it (I hope for you)
- Pele FUT Heroes would be an alternative to de Jong here (in MOC) and Griezmann PTG instead of Dembélé
Third option:
- Mbappé because he is the best attacking card in the game (globally I mean) and given his current price, you won't lose much by the time the TOTY arrives
- Messi purely for links and given the budget, there will be nothing better in MOC/AD
- Again Pavard for a question of budget
That's it for some tracks. Honestly in hybrid La Liga/Ligue 1/Bundesliga I find it nice, after that it depends also on your style of play and your favorite formations.
thank you very much for the advice
I think I'll go with the 3rd option
Mbappé makes me look good
With pleasure. Honestly, Mbappé is a cheat-code I think. His unique physique makes him so strong, especially in duels. You tell me how it goes with him 🙂
hi i can resell my havertz rb do you think sane wc would be better at the same job in moc?
You bought Mané WC but I would have improved several positions rather than one. Yes Sané WC is better, more flexible, less "long" and more reactive/quick with the ball on his feet. Havertz RB was good in BU Lengthy but in MOC, bof.
hello I'll show you my team with the bench
tell me what you think i can sell only casemiro and havertz
Ah but you have Tomori!!! It changes everything!
My proposal:
- Di Natale and Politano who go to the center
- KDB in MOC, other Premier League options available here
- You were wondering what to do with your chips, Tonali is PERFECT with Tomori and Politano
- Ideally, you change Haaland in the future, either by placing Di Natale in the center, or with another Premier League BU
- Cancelo, Puyol will be a bit limited and to change in the near future
Hi team and happy new year 🎊
My turn to ask you for help ahah
Here is my team already:
I have a Mexican coach and bundesliga to have 30/33 collective
In saleable I have only: neuer/frimpong/belli gam and Lozano
And I have 710000 credit 😀
What do you think I can do better?
Thank you
I am in 433 with mdc but I can do 3 mc too 😉 tanpis tonali
Ah me again mdr I just pack icon maldini 88 in dg
Thanks and happy new year to you! It's a pleasure, especially since you present a nice challenge here, considering the collective!
- So we have 33/33 of collective just with any coach of Bundesliga
- I took Gravenberch for the links but it is also an upgrade in MC from Jude
- Brolin at AD, a very complete player, potentially BU/MOC if you swap formation in game
- I put Maldini because I prefer Carvalho
- you will have about 100-150k left
- Potentially a Goretzka PTG is interesting too with a bit more budget
Hi everyone! I play in 4222 with Kalvin Phillips and Park Ji song in midfield. I would like to change Kalvin for Valverde but impossible for the collective, he doesn't have the position modification in MDC, do you have a trick? Otherwise change my 2 midfielders by Valverde and Dejong together?
I have 1 million 400 credits. Thank you very much, have a nice Sunday!
No course offers a MOC and a MC...
I put 41212 for Park in MOC then put it back in 4222
So I'll be honest, with the TOTY coming in from the 20th, I'd recommend you not to change your team. After that, I don't know who is sellable in the lot but for the time being, you might as well play with your non-tradables and invest 1.4m on a TOTY or two and be safe on those positions until the end of the game.
Afterwards, if you want an evolution, you could do this:
- I put Dembélé WW here because you play him in TOTW and it's a real evolution. Now, he is to be played in MOC not in BU
- a duo Forlan and Correa in front, I love these two cards, it completes very well
- in MDC, Zakaria PTG, a real pure MDC to complete with Park who is more a box to box
Once again, I opted for these choices without really knowing who you could sell.
Then you talk about Valverde, I think it's the POTM? You could do it like this:
- Park and him as MDC, Silva and Vinicius as MOC, Correa and Forlan in front. Given the budget we could even replace Vinicius
- You only need a Portuguese coach for the 33/33 and Bernardo is incredible in MOC
Thanks a lot for these tips! I had not thought of taking this Dembele to replace the TOTW, great idea, on the wing he is good? Silva I had thought but I can't play with MOC in 4222, I play with wingers mostly... In BU I was thinking of taking Griezmann PTG or Al Owairann to replace Keane. I think I'll wait for the toty like you say and see if I can do better. Thanks again Liquiditytrap!!!
I would love to! Honestly Silva is really special I really recommend him. Griezmann PTG is a bit special, a mix of MOC and BU. But yes the call would be to wait for the TOTY period to make purchases. Don't hesitate to come back here as soon as we know the cards because there will surely be a lot of questions to ask.
I wanted to say Valverde RTTK to replace Kalvin Phillips, I saw you put him as a super MDC, but I can't seem to fit him in with his unique MC and not MDC...*
Thanks again for your help
Hi 🙂
Are you thinking of making an iconic list too?
We look forward to seeing you!
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