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Ultimate Team mode FIFA 23 offers a number of ways to earn credits, one of which is to buy pre-release players who could be worth a pretty penny at launch.
It's true that sometimes the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 23 can be a real lottery when it comes to the transfer market, such is its erratic nature.
Certain events and scenarios can influence player prices, such as the release of certain promotions that can cause a complete market collapse.
However, with the launch of the game just around the corner, we're going to try and identify some players that might be worth investing in now, using the Web Appbefore FIFA 23's early access and official launch.
Even though his rating has dropped two points since FIFA 22, Andre Silva remains an excellent option for composing DCEs due to the rarity of his country in relation to the division in which he plays.
Add to that the fact that he's a striker you can move up the pecking order, and we think he's a bargain for his versatility.
Current estimated price: 800 credits
The "DLD" tag may be what's hampering Nelson Semedo's price right now, as he won't appear in DD searches and players will be put off by having to change his primary position.
However, it is likely that thanks to the new collective systemSemedo will have the DD position as a secondary one. His speed and athleticism make him one of the best choices in the English league, and we could envisage his price rising quite easily.
Estimated current price: 1,000 credits
For some reason, an 88-rated Keylor Navas doesn't even reach five figures in terms of price, and we find that rather odd.
As well as being a solid, top-rated option, it's also perfect for some DCEs that need multiple top-rated players, and its price is sure to rise when the game is released.
Estimated current price: 6,500 credits
While Ruben Dias and Aymeric Laporte will grab the headlines when people are looking for quality central defenders at Manchester City, Akanji shouldn't be overlooked.
He is very quick, has excellent defensive statistics and will probably become a starter for most Premier League teams.
Estimated current price: 3,600 credits
Let's travel to Germany again and Marco Reus is another player whose price is strangely low even though he's still an interesting player to use in DCEs.
Despite all his injuries, EA has given him a generous card, including 70 speed, as well as incredible passing, shooting and dribbling stats. So fill up on Reus while you can!
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Estimated current price: 3,100 credits
Even at the age of 35, Iago Aspas remains on the shortlist of interesting players to buy when a new FIFA is released, not only because of his rating, but also in terms of statistics.
But as well as being an interesting player to use on the field, like many of the players featured in this guide, he's also a perfect and easy link for DCEs. A bargain at this price, and one that's sure to climb.
Estimated current price: 2,800 credits
Add a style card to boost his defense and passing stats and this player will simply become a monster, it's as simple as that.
He's 1.80 m tall, has acceptable speed for an MDC and his defensive stats are nothing to sneeze at. Trust us, Zakaria's price will skyrocket once people realize he's one of the best MDC options, and not just in the PL.
Current estimated price: 10,750 credits
Could he be an early candidate to become FIFA 23's new Presnel Kimpembe? Even if Araujo isn't quite as sharp as Kimpembe, this player has an excellent card at a very low price for what he offers.
If you don't want to use it, its estimated price, at the time of writing, is worth considering and could be a solid investment, not least for its potential for WFDs.
Estimated current price: 4,000 credits
We're actually going to stick to Barcelona for the latter, as it's admittedly a little pricey, but potentially a good investment, although we know it'll be hard to get that many credits so soon, unless you're lucky.
30K for a French winger playing in La Liga is unreal, and in recent years, Dembélé has cost double that price and more.
He still has the 5-star GT and bad foot and is easily one of the fastest players in Ultimate Team mode.
Current estimated price: 31,750 credits
And here are the 9 players we think are the most interesting to buy right now in the FIFA 23 Web App or Companion app.


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