Ripley declared that she had turned Dominik into a man. Since then, she whispers in his ear and stays by his side.
In several promos, she called herself his "Papi" (Dad). Meanwhile, Dominik also referred to Ripley as his "Mami" (Mom).
During an appearance in the September 21 from "The BumpRipley was asked to describe her relationship with Dominik. She did not give much explanation, although she did note that she enjoyed the "Mami" and "Papi" aspect.
"My relationship with Dominik is something we keep between us so I'm not going to go too deep. But I see a lot in him. I could see that Rey was taking advantage of him and not really giving him the opportunity to grow and take charge of his own life, yet he deserved it.

Like he said, he was in his father's shadow and he couldn't get out of it, so we gave him that opportunity. As far as the Mami and Papi stuff, I love every aspect of it. I used to call myself Papi just to get under his skin and make fun of Rey. Dom gets what he wants. If he wants Mami, it's Mami. If he wants Papi, he's Papi."
As you've seen, Dominik Mysterio is still under the thumb of Rhea Ripley and "Judgment Day" after betraying his father and Edge at Clash at the Clash. But the rivalry is far from over between father and son.

For wrestling gossip, MJF and Liv Morgan seem to have become very good lovers. This is not the first AEW/WWE couple after Charlotte and Andrade, Rusev and Lana while she is released, Aleister Black and Zelina Vega.
The two wrestling stars attended a party hosted by a mutual friend. Lana was also present shared a photo with the AEW wrestlers and WWE Superstars. Now, MJF and Liv have exchanged two catchphrases via their respective Twitter accounts.
It will be interesting to see how the pairing of the new AEW millionaire and the Smackdown champion will evolve.

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