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In addition to the TOTY and its various WFDs on FIFA 21 Currently, EA Sports has struck a blow with the release of a Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback DCE, taking him back to his Manchester United days. 
Flashback DCEs are among the most popular challenges that EA Sports offers every year. This time, FIFA 21's publisher decided to pull out all the stops, with one of the most popular players in modern soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo.
Funnily enough, this is one of the first times that a DCE has offered a card that is rated lower than the player's basic Gold card. While DCEs usually bring an improvement to players, CR7 here loses 5 points compared to his basic card. Above all, it becomes much more accessible to players, and here's how to get your hands on your very own Ronaldo Flashback.
This new Cristiano Ronaldo card, the 6th since the start of FUT 21, sends the Portuguese back to the right wing, as he did at Manchester United. This repositioning makes the multiple Ballon d'Or winner highly versatile, being equally effective on all fronts of attack, provided he has the collective behind him.
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The main attraction of this new DCE is its price. You can get your very own Cristiano Ronaldo for less than 300,000 credits on PS4 and Xbox One! You'll need to complete 3 different teams, as described below:
Here are some of the cheapest solutions available to complete Cristiano Ronaldo's Flashback DCE. To make things easier for you, these solutions don't involve any position changes, and don't require any loyalty on individual players.
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Now you've got everything you need to get your very own Cristiano Ronaldo! If you want to make this DCE, don't delay too long: the Flashback version of CR7 will disappear after Friday, February 19!
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