It's undeniable that MJF is a personality apart from the rest of the wrestling world. While the AEW wrestler's current status can be divisive with fans, the main man involved has made a revelation. As a guest on Not Sam Wrestling, the 26-year-old said that several veterans of the business didn't like him very much. Tracy Smothers was one of them. The former ECW star was due to face her in Indy in 2018.
"On the occasion of an oratorical exhibition (to understand a promo) I was doing, I referred to him as old. His name was Tracy. Tracy didn't like it. Tracy friended me on Facebook. I was building next week's match at Absolute Intense Wrestling. Tracy sent me a message saying in capital letters "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE CRETIN". I wrote "Are you okay?". I didn't know what else to write. I was 19 at the time. He wasn't there: "Why did you dare to call me old? You moron". I didn't appreciate his tone. Even in writing, I didn't appreciate his tone. I wrote in reply, all capital letters, "IT'S NOT MY FAULT IF YOU'RE OLD".
"What was he going to do, try to beat the shit out of me? That's exactly what he wanted to do. He called the promoter and said, "I'm going to kick that young scumbag's ass like I've never seen it before. A month later, I see him at the show. He comes up to me. He says "Who do you think you are? I replied, "I'm MJF". That made him smile. Afterwards, we got really drunk.
In the end, the match never took place. The source says he contacted promoter AIW to find out more. John Thorne indicates that it was a two-day event. MJF vs. Tracy Smothers was supposed to take place on night 2. However, the veteran cancelled his booking on the grounds that he wanted to spend time with his family. MJF faced Swoggle instead.

CM Punk's days at All Elite Wrestling appear to be numbered since the altercation backstage at All Out. The former ROH/WWE/AEW World Champion could be shown the door.
According to new information from Dave Meltzer, this may well be the case. Tony Khan's company is reportedly in talks with CM Punk about his future. People close to the matter claim that AEW is looking to buy out the last few years of CM Punk's contract, with the aim of preventing him from making a comeback. If this is the case, it would signal the end of the paper champ's adventure in the AEW ring.
On the other hand, All Elite Wrestling would also like to apply a clause that would prohibit CM Punk from joining another company for a certain period of time.since he will receive a good part of his salary.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but who wants a guy who hurts himself getting out of bed anyway?

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