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GTA 5 PC can be a greedy game, and the Full HD Full option demands power from both processor and GPU. Not everyone has a high-end graphics card, and many configurations rely on an on-board graphics solution (APU and Intel IGP). Is it possible to play GTA 5 in these conditions?
GTA 5 PC, boxed version
This is the question that Gamegpu. The test involves running GTA 5 PC at 1920×1080 pixels with graphics options at minimum. Several platforms are put to the test: on the AMD side, the A10-7850K, A8-7600 and A6-7400k APUs and their Radeon R7 series, and on the other a single Intel processor, the Core i7-4770K and its HD Graphics 4600 graphics solution.
GTA 5 PC / Framerate / APU/ IGP
The results are clear: the APUs are better equipped to meet gaming needs, even though their processor part is less powerful than that of a Core i7-4770K (AMD's processor load is at least 85%, compared with Intel's 55%). The difference is not anecdotal, since the average framerate (number of frames per second) on AMD platforms varies between 29 and 25 fps, compared with 11 fps for Intel.
Here's a video showing how it looks on both platforms.

There are already some mods that are really great, I think it's worth an article.
Once again, AMD shows us that they are only good for the poor ;D
Uh, you must not have read to the end, because your Intel doesn't exceed 11Fps against 29 for AMD x')
Hello nice troll!
I could see an apu or apu+r7 260 configuration for a very small budget, but sufficient for gaming (apu 7000 crossfits with r7 250, 250x and 260 I think).
Remember that this is the GPU part of the processor, not a PCI-E GPU.
This proves that amd is still well advanced in this field, even if its apu is several years old 🙂
I can't play it in full HD on a 6870 SLI, what's wrong with that?
It's a crossfire, and that's normal, the 6870, well the ATI 6000 range is getting old, even in crossfire, the proof with only 1 7950, I can hold games in full HD 40-60 fps (without MSAA).
Anyway I hope I found the error, bye 🙂
slt les i'm on gta 5 ps3 i'm looking for modeur
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