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Find our cheap solution for the FIFA World Cup Heroes Enhancement DCE Team Creation Challenge for FIFA 23 FUT mode.
Discover the solution for the FIFA World Cup Heroes Enhancement DCE, a team-building challenge for FUT mode. of FIFA 23. The aim of this DCE is for you to win a non-exchangeable FIFA World Cup Hero Pack by completing it.
Please note that this challenge starts on Monday December 12 at 7pm and lasts for two days, ending on Thursday December 15 at 7pm. By completing this challenge, you will receive a non-exchangeable FIFA World Cup Hero Pack.
The FIFA World Cup Hero Enhancement DCE is a two-team challenge celebrating the Icon cards in FIFA 23's FUT mode. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria required, we recommend completing it.
Our sample solution for the FIFA World Cup Heroes Enhancement DCE was created with the team creator of Futbin (in English).
Our solutions are examples of training that allow you to realize these WFDs at the lowest possible price without having the cards. It is of course possible to realize these challenges with other cards. Be careful also because the global cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as well as upward) with time.
You can find the full list of live DCEs for FIFA 23's FUT mode at our list of active Team Building Challenges (TBC). You can also find all our guides and all the latest gaming news on our portal FIFA 23.
Hello Liquid,
I hope you're well!
In your opinion, is there more chance of getting a good player on this dce or more chance of getting a Campos?
Everything's going well, even if the FIFA content isn't incredible at the moment. How are you getting on?
So, considering its price, the DCE is correct but yes, there are still 4-5 sockets. I had Nakata, almost a good sweater at my level but hey, I've got 546545 middles in my main team so whatever.
If you give it a shot, good luck to you. You've got the 78+ player choices to do the DCE if ever, that helps quite a bit.
It's true that there are a lot of cards coming out, but I find most of them pretty average. I don't know about you, but I've got the impression that the droprate of special cards isn't that great this year...
I'm not going to complain, though, because the few specials I've had haven't been great either (PEA, Ben Yedder, Wan-Bissaka, Navas, Sissoko, Papin and Brozovic).
Yes, there's a weird side to it, with some soulless events (Road to world cup? World cup stories?) and others far more interesting. It gives a false rhythm that I don't like at all.
When it comes to packs, I never have any luck, so on that score... It's no different haha.
Well, I opened Brolin. I'm not sure what he's worth, but he doesn't look crazy either 😥
Yes, it's pretty good! Playable as a MOC/BU or on the wing, he's very solid in today's Meta. I recommend it.
Hi Liquiditytrap
I hope you're well.
Dsl I'm not very active this year on fifa
This time last year, didn't we have more meta players? With higher scores?
I don't find the DCE players very strong.
Maybe it's me
Biz Amigo
Hey Sasha long time no see!!!
I'm fine, how are you? What's up?
Then :
- On the contrary, I think we had too many good cards at the beginning, which broke EA's rhythm...
- ... which now gives us really boff or overpriced DCE cards
For example, a Keane FUT Heroes is clearly too strong on release, but 850k+. We had Messi POTM and co very early on and OTWs like Renato who are incredible. Griezmann PTG and Nkunku PTG are way too strong, almost TOTY level while you have cards that are useless... Gold cards are already all dead except Mbappé (price level). It's really weird.
But the gameplay has really evolved, so if you haven't played since the maj, you should give it a try. It looks (alas, maybe?) a lot like last year, which is weird because Lenghty is still there but explosive is superior.
Hi Liquid,
So he's not bad Brolin? I play 2 MOC (de bruyne gold and sterling otw) and 2 BU (Pea RTTK and ben Yedder TOTW) would you replace one of them with Brolin?
I wanted to ask you too: I've finally got enough to take me the Vieira WC icon. Is it any good? How would you style it?
In MDC I will then have the choice between Sissoko RB, Paulinha and Brozovic RTG and him, who will you take? (I play 2 Mdc but with Renato OTW in libero)
Thank you in advance 😝
So a few notes:
- Vieira is top, if you have farmed the 40 chips, take it without hesitation.
- I'd say that given your cards, if the collective isn't a problem, I'd take Brozovic for his more complete and offensive side.
- At this level, Vieira will be your pure MDC, while up front I'd put Renato, who's a rising MC, not a pure MDC. If you've got Renato OTW, really, take Vieira and in a two-man midfield it'll hold up until the TOTS!
Yes, it's not bad at all.
So, KDB will be a better passer, but Brolin will be more agile and quicker. He looks like Sterling, personally I'd say he's better than Sterling, in a game creator/finisher role. Less agile but more complete and physical. Up front, Ben Yedder is a real BU, so I'd keep him.
So it all depends on how you use your KDB, but I can see it taking the place of Sterling or KDB yes.
So sorry, it's my fault for asking two questions, but I didn't quite get it 😉 so here's my 4-2-2-2 compo (in old-gen)
Mendy (in place of telles Rb), Rudiger VVD or, wan bissaka (in place of Navas Rb)
Sissoko Rb and Renato Otw
Sterling MOCG and de Bruyne MOCD (with whom I love the outside center of the foot because he brushes them on both sides)
Ben Yedder TOTW and PEA RTTK.
So I can take Vieira (but I don't know what style to put on him), I've got Paulinha and Brozovic PTG and Brolin Fut Heroes WC.
What would you change if you were me?
So sorry to make you repeat yourself and thanks for the time you take to help us (articles and com') 🙂
No problem, don't worry!
So, as a choice, I'd put Vieira in place of Sissoko RB. Don't look too hard for Ombre, Basique is viable if you want a little more versatility, but as a pure MDC: Ombre.
Hello Liquid,
Thanks for the tips! Brolin made me forget sterling, especially with his good ball calls. What a surprise!
Vieira is great in def too, but it's crazy that EA won't let him be a mdc... a bit like the CR7 that just came out. I opened Cavani to 88 last week and I've got the same problem, he's not playable... it's weird to do that.
Ah, see, I told you it was heavy stuff, Brolin! As for the positions, I don't really like this system, but the collective is even worse. CR7 is great but he's very difficult to place and I think that's a real shame. He's a flashback, why not make a system where a flashback is linked to all the former clubs he played for? In short, EA.
Hello Liquid,
Or with the club he was with at the time? Finally... what do you think of Cavani WCS? What about Kjaer?
Otherwise you don't do the Di Maria dce?
Yes, clearly, the club at the time is exactly what I thought. But you shouldn't expect too much.
Cavani's clearly not bad, but it's the same story: impossible to link. After that, he's a Lengthy pivot, so only in next-gen. Kjaer?
Hello Liquid,
I was talking about Kjaer wcs that I had.
What's the deal with their gift pack of an icon player and a world cup player? There are meta players and others like Endo 81 that I have pack... talk about a gift, what a load of crap! I don't know what they're smoking at EA...
Hello Liquid,
I was talking about Kjaer wcs that I had.
What's the deal with their gift pack of an icon player and a world cup player? There are meta players and others like Endo 81 that I have pack... talk about a gift, what a load of crap! I don't know what they're smoking at EA...
Happy holidays to you!
Haha yes they always do!
I had Akew and Essien on loan... Which I packed three weeks ago (dub theory) so thanks but no thanks haha.
As for Kjaer, I've put him on my list of the best defenders. I got him in the draft, nothing special, rather generic, not very fast on his first steps, so I'm inclined to say I don't recommend him.
Merry Christmas, and here's hoping Santa is nicer than EA 🙂
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