A good set-up is important to enjoy an optimal experience when playing video games. A gaming set-up consists of several elements: tower, screen(s), keyboard, mouse, headset and other accessories.
It's important to look at the choice of each element to find the best on the market. In this article, we will focus on the PC monitor. What are the criteria to choose the best monitor?
The screen resolution is probably the first criteria to look at. There is nothing worse than playing a game you love on a poor quality screen.
The resolution is what gives the quality of the graphics that are displayed on the screen. The higher the resolution, the better the details of the game will be seen. It is ideal to look for a screen with HD, full HD, or even 4K resolution, ideal for video games.
Whether you are playing video games or watching sports while on betFIRST SportYou will be delighted with the maximum resolution, as it allows for total immersion in the game.
The second criterion to check in the characteristics of the screen: the refresh rate, that is to say the number of images that are displayed per second. We speak of IPS in French or FPS (Frame per second) in English.
This characteristic is quantified in Hertz (HZ). For example, a 144 Hz screen is a screen that will display 144 frames per second, maximum. A large number of images per second gives a greater fluidity to what appears on the screen.
This fluidity is especially important for the movement of video game characters. For good image quality, we recommend that you look for screens that display 120 Hz or more, such as the Samsung G5 monitor for example.
The size of the screen is to be chosen according to your convenience and especially according to the space you have. Depending on your favorite video games, you will prefer a larger or smaller size, even if it is true that a large screen always promotes immersion in the game.
If you have a standard size desk, a 22 inch screen (about 55 cm diagonal) is ideal. All sizes are available on the various gaming equipment sites and they will give you all the information about the quality of the screen.
A little bonus: it is possible to choose a curved screen. Some screens are equipped with the optimal curvature in relation to the human eye for a total immersion in the game. We recommend this type of screen to fans of racing games such as Forza or Need for Speed.
Changing your gaming monitor to the next level really improves the quality of your gaming. To get the best experience, the three criteria we mentioned are the main features to focus on, but they're not the only ones.
You can also find out about the screen's reaction time. This is expressed in milliseconds and determines how long it will take the screen to respond to actions you perform with the keyboard or mouse.
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