Article originally published on October 27, 2022 :
Windows-free, the Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH6H (82JY00JKFR) is a designer gamer notebook with a 17" IPS Full HD anti-glare screen that enhances gaming fluidity with its 144Hz frequency and proves capable of running the latest games thanks to its high-end GeForce RTX 3070 ray tracing NVIDIA Ampere graphics card. This GPU accelerates multimedia processing, as does the AMD Octo Core Cezanne Ryzen 7 processor and the right amount of 16GB RAM, while the fast 512GB SSD storage enhances responsiveness. This versatile laptop designed for gaming and creating is also equipped with a backlit keyboard and connectivity with 4 USB, Wi-Fi ax and USB-C.

The Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH6H (82JY00JKFR) is currently available in promotion at Cdiscount and meeting very few competitors in its category where it is one of the few to offer such a high-performance processor and graphics card, as well as a choice of operating system.
If this Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH6H (82JY00JKFR) does not meet all your criteria, you will find on our guide Gamer laptop other configurations to play with a similar budget. With the same budget, choose the model with the most powerful graphics card, as it will have the most impact on performance.
With its dark Phantom Blue Shadow Black design, angular lines and mostly rear-mounted connectors, it boasts an original gamer look, while cooling is provided by 2 fans, heat pipes and air outlets.
This designer gamer laptop boasts 2 USB-C connections (compared with the usual maximum of 1), Bluetooth 5.1 wireless modules and Wi-Fi ax (more recent and powerful than Wi-Fi ac) for communication and remote connection, HDMI video output for easy connection to a TV or monitor, Ethernet and audio ports, and 4 USB 3.0 ports (USB 2.0 compatible, vs. the usual maximum of 3) guarantee transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 if USB 3.0 peripherals are connected.
The chiclet keyboard can be backlit, of course, which is useful for making the keys easier to see in the dark.
Gamers will appreciate that the screen boasts a 144Hz refresh rate, higher than the 60Hz standard, as this enhances fluidity in games. Thanks to its IPS technology, the screen displays colors that are more faithful than average, with wide viewing angles, both horizontally and vertically. What's more, the screen is well suited to high-definition content such as videos, thanks to its Full HD definition and 16:9 aspect ratio. With its anti-reflective coating, the screen also offers better visibility than a glossy slab in bright environments (e.g. outdoors), while being more restful for the eyes during prolonged use.
Bear in mind, however, that to exploit the full potential of this versatile gaming and creative notebook, you'll need to install a complete system such as a Linux or Windows distribution.
These include NVIDIA Optimus technology, which determines graphics requirements in real time according to the tasks performed by the user. When necessary, Optimus automatically switches in real time between the processor's integrated graphics solution and the dedicated graphics card.
The first - Radeon Vega 8 - is favored by Optimus despite its modest performance, because its low power consumption favors autonomy over the second - GeForce RTX 3070 - which is more greedy and powerful, both of which of course allow photos and videos to be viewed.
The Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH6H (82JY00JKFR) may be of interest to those looking for a versatile 17-inch notebook that performs well in gaming and creative applications.
It's capable of handling the latest games at a high level of detail, thanks to the high-end GeForce RTX 3070 ray tracing NVIDIA Ampere dedicated graphics card.
Gamers will appreciate the GeForce RTX 3070, but so will designers, as it speeds up processing in software that takes advantage of GPU computing power, such as Adobe Premiere/Photoshop or Sony Vegas.
The heart of this versatile notebook designed for gaming and creativity is up to the task, with 16GB of RAM and an AMD APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) processor. Cezanne Ryzen 7 5800H Octo Core.
This core, which supports the GeForce RTX 3070 well and delivers an overall power that will appeal to demanding users, guarantees faster processing than 8 GB DDR4 and a Quad/Hexa Core processor. The difference is particularly noticeable in resource-hungry areas such as video editing, 3D rendering and photo retouching, where multi-core CPUs and RAM resources are at a premium.

Storage is entrusted to a silent SSD that is more energy-efficient than a hard disk, more shock-resistant and much faster.
In practice, SSDs are much smoother and more responsive in everyday use than simple hard disks.
Thanks to the SSD, for example, you'll reach online gaming maps much faster, and enjoy much faster game/software launch, processing and start/stop times.
A 512 GB SSD is offered here, a capacity similar to that of standard hard disks.
However, if you need more space, you can add a second SSD via the free M.2 slot. Or rely on an external storage unit such as a USB 3.0/USB-C device for fast transfers.
Last but not least, expect around 8 hours of battery life on light use (with Optimus, around 3 hours without) for this versatile creative gamer laptop, which heats up and makes itself heard when pushed hard (e.g. games, processing).
If necessary, a ventilated support can be used to limit temperatures (remember to check the dimensions!).
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